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Barbell Clip Lock Collars

It can be easy to overlook some parts of your workout equipment and forget the important part they play in supporting your training regime. Our Barbell Clips in Red ensure that your weights are securely in place when you are exercising, so you can enjoy maximum levels of safety once they are correctly fixed into position.
  • Clamp fits for 2 inch Olympic standard size.
  • Install in seconds using a single finger with the one click lock.
  • Use to support training with overhead presses, deadlifts, Olympic lifts, bench presses and more.
  • Much safer than traditional spring clips to enhance workout safety.

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Why Buy The Barbell Clip Lock Collars?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Floors and furniture remain protected at all times.



Offer more security compared to traditional spring clips.



Support training with overhead presses, deadlifts, Olympic lifts and more.

Key Features

Reguar Use

Use on a daily basis.


Easy storage.


One click lock to fix into place.


Compact and lightweight for easy transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It measures ?9 x 4.5 x 0.3cm (H x W x D).
They weigh 100 Grams.
Yes, it is a set of 2.
It is made up of ?Reinforced Plastic and Nylon.

More about the Barbell Clip Lock Collars

Used with a 2 inch barbell you can work out with CrossFit, overhead presses, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, bench presses and a whole variety of exercises. The advanced design means it only requires a one click lock to fix into place and it can be removed just as easily – the spring powered snap latch design keeping you much safer.

Our barbell clamps offer more security compared to traditional spring clips, giving you peace of mind as you work out. It means you can focus on the exercise at hand and forget about any other concerns. They fit perfectly onto Olympic barbells and give you the confidence to go into lifts concentrating only on what you can achieve.

All you need to do to fix our barbell clips into place is use a single finger which ensures quick and easy removal. The strong grip keeps the barbell firmly positioned while you exercise and once it has been put down to rest, so not only do you stay safe throughout, but floors and furniture remain protected at all times.