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Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest

You may not be the sort of person who feels comfortable working out down at the local gym but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on keeping fit. Our Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest is compact enough to fit into homes of any size, helping you to firm up and flatten your stomach without having to pay the high cost of gym membership.
  • Perfect for working out in the comfort of your own home.
  • Features soft and armrest to allow extended workouts.
  • Suitable for most age groups – including OAPs.
  • Flattens and firms up your stomach.

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Why Buy The Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from durable materials that won't break.



Very simple but effective equipment.



Headrest to protect your neck and back.

Full Body

Full Body

Ensures a full-body workout.

Key Features


Portable size so can take it anywhere you want.

Fat Burning

Stimulate fat burning within your body.

Train Muscles

Train abdominal, upper and lower muscles to create the perfect shape.


Easy to store away after use.

Daily Use

Use on a regular basis to achieve the best result.


Built for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will stimulate fat burning and help to reduce calories.
Yes, you are protected by the headrest making it suitable for older ages.
Yes, it is very compact and light for you take anywhere.
It has a wipe clean surface to ensure maintenance is as quick and easy as possible.

More about the PhysioRoom Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest

While you are sculpting the perfect abs you will also be charging up your metabolism which will stimulate fat burning within your body, helping you to keep on top of you calories. The gentle movement of the roller ensures your back is always protected, making this ideal for people of nearly all age groups, from young to old.

Our Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest gives you the control over your workout you need when exercising at home. There are a variety of training options to choose from, allowing you to focus on particular muscle groups throughout the week. This allows you to train side, abdominal, upper and lower muscles to create the perfect shape.

The soft headrest allows you to relax into your routine, while the comfortable support frame for both arms and hands means you can quickly find the optimum position that suits you. This enables you to train for longer periods, working up a sweat and burning off more calories. The Ab Trimmer Roller with Headrest is a must have for anyone looking to meet and beat their fitness goals this year.