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How Do Ankle Supports Work?

Various supports and ankle braces can help either during or after physical activities. Compression sleeves can help to improve blood flow through joints. They may even help to repair tissues and ligaments quicker. Ankle supports can also provide pain relief and reduce inflammation. And, for ankle injuries like a sprain, or chronic weak ankles, ankle braces can limit certain motions. This external compression can allow time for recovery.

How To Buy The Best Knee Support For You

Start by weighing up what you need out of a knee support. If it's for a minor injury then you'll want something that maximises flexibility. This is because you'll want to keep a greater range of motion. If you've suffered an injury and need to rehabilitate then you'll want something sturdier. For chronic conditions - the aim is to reduce pain and inflammation. So choose something comfortable and non-restrictive.

Why Are Knees Prone To Injury?

The fact that knees limited range of motion on one plane can make them unstable and at risk of injury. Knee injuries may be caused by the heavy load they have to bear and the torque they can produce when in use. The mixture of bone, ligament, muscle and cartilage around the knee joint also allows for a variety of problems to occur. To help isolate and reduce knee pain, you may need to use anything from a compression sleeve to a full hinged brace.

What Is The Best Exercise For Your Joints?

Any exercise that is low impact is always going to be kinder to your joints. Things like swimming, cycling, Tai Chi and yoga also reduce the strain placed on joints. Home exercise machines that allow for aerobic activities are also a good choice.

Our wide range of supports and braces features specialised materials and intelligent designs. Find products that target support, comfort and reinforcement where it's needed most.

Movement and Stability

Do you need a support or brace that still offers a good range of motion? Then lightweight compression materials and Neoprene will be suitable. Other options, like hinged braces, will provide more comprehensive protection during rehab.

Comfort in Recovery

For example, Neoprene supports lend themselves to the shape of the wearer. They offer firm compression and a comfortable fit with a lightweight design. For variable compression, Velcro straps and lace up systems can be used for a customised fit. The next stages of braces and supports utilise advanced fabrics and fastening. Where gentle compression isn't enough, you may want to upgrade to a brace. Knee braces, for example, wick away moisture to control temperature inside the brace. They offer comfortable compression that makes them suitable for long periods of use.

Breathable Materials

Everything from our knee braces to our thumb and wrist supports are made from breathable materials. Open and closed supports can help to improve blood flow, support and mobility. This is true of both compression sleeves to open-hinged knee braces. And all whilst being comfortable to wear!

For Joint Pain

If you're looking for braces for the knee joint, it may be for a number of reasons. One of the most common among them is joint paint. Complaints like arthritic knees can be managed and even improved with the use of proper supports. Make sure to consult a healthcare professional first. Or head over to our advice section to help find the best support for you.

For Pain Relief

The reason PhysioRoom's supports and braces are so popular is that they're ideal for relief. Be it a painful injury or a series of minor sprains, this range of products can help. We stock our own high-quality supports & braces to reduce and manage injury risk. And we also stock well-known and trusted brands to help you get hit ultimate performance. Say goodbye to weak knees or injury-prone ankles today with PhysioRoom.