Sports Knee Supports

Our sports knee supports category features a comprehensive range of knee supports that are suitable for wearing during sporting activities and during your rehab from a sporting injury. In our range you'll find knee supports that can help with conditions such as: patella fracture, patella tendonitis, Osgood Schlatters, knee ligament injuries, and cartilage tears

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Sports Knee Supports

The best knee supports for sports

We have a range of knee support sleeves that fit snuggly around the contours of your knee to provide maximum comfort and support. Compression knee sleeves with a gel pad which provide added protection and create a massage effect to the knee joint and muscle to promote blood circulation and help speed up injury recovery. Breathable knitted supports allow for sufficient ventilation, ideal for wearing whilst playing sport or exercising.

Patella stabilisers offer optimal support, comfort and protection for unstable knees, injured or recovering knees and ligament sprains/tears during sports or daily activities. The compression around the knee helps to reduce pain/swelling, improve circulation and speed up recovery. The patella opening ensures proper patella alignment without compromising motion, while bilateral hinges prevent hyperextension and help stabilize the knee to protect it from lateral impacts. The open knee cap also allows ventilation to the front of the knee; this helps to prevent too much direct pressure on the knee cap. These knee supports can be worn as part of injury recovery and as part of a return to exercise following a knee injury.

The PhysioRoom elite sports knee support has been designed for adults who would like solid knee support but would prefer something less bulky. This neoprene knee brace will give your joint the support and stabilisation you need to heal quickly, with less pain and discomfort. It has been ergonomically designed to perfectly support your knee when you are active. No matter what type of physical activity you are doing - whether it's sports, work or just moving around - you'll be fully stabilised. You can also adjust the support to fit you perfectly using the Velcro anti-slip straps.

Knee supports for running

If you are experiencing regular knee pain when running the best option is to visit a chartered physiotherapist to diagnose the injury and implement a recovery plan. Patellar braces and hinged knee braces can be used for running and high-impact exercise however it is important that you chose a support that has been recommended to you by a healthcare professional who is aware of your condition.

Knee compression sleeves are ideal for running; While they only offer minimal support the compression limits swelling and improves joint movement. If you have runner's knee a knee strap or patellar tendon strap can help relieve pain while exercising.