PhysioRoom Shoulder Pulley

If you are dealing with frozen shoulder syndrome, tendonitis, rotator cuff, bursitis or arthritis, then this shoulder pulley can help you rehabilitate and restore shoulder health. It can fit in easily with most interior doors without leaving any marks behind and comes complete with a durable metal alloy to encourage long-term usage.

  • Help you to restore shoulder health.
  • Easy to install and completely secure.
  • Simply attach the metal pulley to any door.
  • Easily carry this pulley anywhere you need to go.
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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy The PhysioRoom Shoulder Pulley?

High Quality
High Quality

Made from high quality materials.


Help you rehabilitate.


Fit in easily with interior doors.


Durable metal alloy to encourage long-term usage.

Key Features


Increase shoulder mobility.


No complicated installation instructions involved.


Enhance your strength.


Take anywhere you need to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfect for tendonitis, rotator cuff, bursitis and arthritis sufferers.
It measures 19 x 10 x 3.1cm.
It is made out of Nylon Sheath, Plastic and Rubber.
It is perfect occupational & physical therapy aid. It can assist you to stretch in various directions to improve shoulder mobility, help you decrease your pain and improve your overall function.

More about the PhysioRoom Shoulder Pulley

Use it in the safety of your own home to strengthen, stretch and increase shoulder mobility if you are getting over a shoulder injury or even surgery. It allows for controlled movement by simply attaching the metal pulley to any door within the home, remaining secure while you pull the stretchable rope to exercise your shoulder.

There are no complicated installation instructions involved, making it easy to get the shoulder pulley into place so you can start to work. On the rope itself are clearly marked identifiers every 6 inches that work in tandem with the button stoppers, ensuring progress is made clear and obvious as you are using the work out tool.

The pulley is a compact size for easy storage. If you are looking for a simple and easy to way to ease your shoulder back into normal movement, this is the exercise kit you need.