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PhysioRoom Mini Flying Disc

Even in a world full of digital luxuries that can keep kids occupied for hours on end, it is still the traditional games that can bring the most enjoyment. Our Mini Flying Disc brings the family together and ensures your kids are getting a good amount of physical activity into their day as the long school holidays take hold during the summer.
  • Lightweight and compact for ease of use anywhere.
  • Elastomer material enhances safety and recyclability.
  • Great for playing in the garden, park, beach or pool.
  • Designed to give you accurate throws, long flights and soft to catch.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Mini Flying Disc?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Smaller size facilitates level release, which equates to more predictable and accurate throws.



Soft and flexible for easier catching and longer use



Soft to catch so no-one will get injured while playing.

Key Features


It can easily fit into your pocket.


Carry to any place you want.


Play anywhere you want such as the local park, pool or even down at the beach.


Great activity to enjoy with the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

The circumference is 63mm, the length is 63mm and the width is 63mm.
It can be thrown up to distances of 200 ft/65 yards.
It is made out of Silicone Rubber.
It weighs only 20 grams.

More about the PhysioRoom Mini Flying Disc

Whether or not you have the space to use it in the garden, this throwing disc can also be used at the local park, pool or down at the beach. If you are planning a camping trip it also provides a simple but fun way to pass some time and tire everyone out before they put their head down.

This Mini Flying Disc can reach an impressive distance of 200 ft/65 yards depending on your strength and throwing experience. You can see who can throw it the furthest or just play catch at short distances, the choice is entirely yours. The elastomer material makes the disc soft to catch so no-one will get injured while playing and it can also be recycled if required.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact size this Mini Flying Disc fits easily into the pocket making it easy to transport and gives you the option to start playing anywhere and anytime you feel like it. With a level release the disc will take a level flight, while an angled release produces a curved flight, giving you confidence as you throw and attempt to catch. There is no better way to guarantee hours of fun for the entire family.