PhysioRoom Interlocking Puzzle Gym Mat


These foam tiles are perfect for ensuring a comfortable workout no matter where you are. Available in 4 different sizes, with the biggest pack measuring 93 square feet, this is the ideal choice for working out at home. These soft surface puzzle mats are shock-absorbing, meaning they can bear the weight of heavy exercise equipment being dropped on it, protecting your floor from any damage.

The interlocking edge pattern to the foam flooring tiles makes assembly and disassembly easy and convenient, and the non-slip surface ensures safety while using it. Enjoy a wide range of exercises, from cardio, to weight training, to stretching, all without worrying about injuring yourself or damaging your actual flooring..

  • Shock Absorbing: Protects current flooring while also preventing injuries
  • Anti-Slip: Provides a safe space for physical activity such as yoga, pilates, and stretching
  • Easy Assembly: Interlocking feature is easy to use and the mat can be ready to use in seconds
  • Lightweight: Portable and easy to store
  • Versatile: Can be used as flooring for the gym, kid's bedroom, garage, or workshop
  • Sizing: 60cm x 60cm tiles, and 120cm x 180cm when put together

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Interlocking Puzzle Gym Mat?



Features anti-slip surfaces to ensure safe use and injury prevention



Locks into place within a few seconds

High Quality

High Quality

The mat is durable, and made from shock absorbing foam



Lightweight mats are easy to carry, move, and store away

Key Features

Multi Purpose

Great for everyday use, including exercising, playing, and relaxing


Perfect for different uses throughout the house including kids' playrooms and at-home gyms

Easy Storage

Easy storage as they unlock and stack

Easy to Clean

These mats are easy to clean as well as easy to assemble


Comes with 6 mats, easy to interlock and ready to use immediately


Made from durable and long-lasting materials

Frequently Asked Questions

They provide a comfortable place for kids to play or for workouts, ensuring you don’t slip whilst undertaking an activity.
Yes, you’re at less of a risk of injury when you’re using a mat when you’re exercising.
0.5 inches thick is the average preferred thickness for an exercise mat, but it’s important to see what feels comfortable for you personally.
This depends on how often you use the mat and who’s using it. If you’re taking care of it, cleaning it and maintaining it, then it should last several years. The minimum length a mat should last is one year.

More About The PhysioRoom Interlocking Puzzle Gym Mat

The mats fit together incredibly easily, locking into place and creating an anti-slip surface for any room in the home. If you want to protect the floor and children from the dangers of play and running around, the mats ensure both are safe at all times. And if you need to put the mats somewhere else, they simply come apart for re-installation.

If you want to put together a home gym, then you will need to consider how the floor will live up to the stress and strain it will experience. This puzzle mat is a shock-absorbing surface that is soft and durable, allowing you to work out as you please, whether you are doing Pilates, weight work, Yoga, aerobic exercises or using an exercise bike.

Not only is the mat lightweight and easy to carry, but they are easy to assemble and clean. They literally take a couple of seconds to lock into place, so you won’t be on your knees getting frustrated with a complicated design. These mats will transform the way you use the floor space in your house, giving you the flexibility you deserve.