PhysioRoom 26cm 10in Soft Pilates Ball - Grey


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It almost goes without saying that you want to get the most out of your training exercises so you can sculpt and tone your body into the best shape possible. Countless customers have found that our Soft Pilates Ball allows them to do just that, helping to develop core strength and assist with back rehabilitation while doing yoga, Pilates and a wide range of other fitness activities.

Before using a ball of this kind you want to have confidence it is strong enough to hold your weight during your routines. As with most anti-burst balls, this does not feature a valve but instead a plug to withstand the pressure it will face during workouts. We also provide a straw to help you inflate the ball with air, which will probably cause one or two laughs in the process.

Our 26cm Soft Pilates Ball is reliable, durable and of high quality. It is made of flexible and soft PVC to provide the sort of elasticity you need for your exercises. At the same time it will not burst as you push down with increased pressure and remains non-slip even when you use it on a hard surface, so you retain your posture and remain safe.

Exercise balls such as this come highly recommended by some of the leading trainers and physical therapists working today, as they help to improve body flexibility, balance and core strength. Our Soft Pilates Ball also comes with a 100% money back guarantee as ensuring our customers are always happy remains at the centre of everything we do.
Product Features
  • Helps to improve core strength, aids back rehabilitation and helps tone and sculpt
  • Use it for a range of exercises including yoga and Pilates
  • Non-burst and non-slip to give you confidence whilst working out
  • Made from durable, soft and flexible PVC
  • Comes with inflation straw to help find the right size