Pflexx Compression Knee Support Trainer

The Compression Knee Support Trainer is designed to be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, used in training programmes to strengthen target muscle groups around the joint, and/or to complement Physiotherapy programmes.

  • Made from thermo-regulating yarn designed to keep you warm.
  • Helps keep the blood flowing and disperses lactic acid.
  • Speeding up recovery time
  • Can be worn anytime: during day-to-day activities or when exercising.
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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy The Pflexx Compression Knee Support Trainer?

High Quality
High Quality

Made from high quality materials.

Recovery Time
Recovery Time

Minimises recovery time.


Build muscle in the quad, hamstring, calf and glutes.


Strengthen the knee joint prior to surgery.

Key Features

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.


Help rebuild muscle strength after surgery.

Boost Performance

Boost power and strength for sports performance.


Uses a soft and comfortable material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure 15cm above and below centre of the knee.

X-Small: above = 38 - 41cm, below = 28 - 31cm

Small: above = 41 - 44cm, below = 31 - 34cm

Medium: above = 44 - 47cm, below = 34 - 37cm

Large: above = 47 - 50cm, below = 37 - 40cm

X-Large: above = 50 - 53cm, below = 40 - 43cm

XX-Large: above = 53 - 56cm, below = 43 - 46cm

Yes, this will help with people suffering from arthritis.
It is made from Polyester, Nylon, Elastane and Spandex.
It weighs ?0.25 Kilograms.

More about the Pflexx Compression Knee Support Trainer

The high compression knee sleeve is made from thermo-regulating yarn designed to keep you warm when cold and cool when hot while effectively diffusing perspiration and features Pflexx power springs providing Cross Fit resistance training action. The brace minimises recovery time and maximises training results meaning you can get back to a fitter lifestyle faster. It is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance but limit recovery times.

The power springs are fitted either side of the knee joint and work naturally against physical movement to strengthen the knee joint and build muscle in the quad, hamstring, calf and glutes. The power springs come in various resistance levels making it suitable for all: 3.5kg (white), 5kg (yellow) and 7.5kg (black).

The level of compression helps keep the blood flowing and disperses lactic acid, speeding up recovery time reducing tiredness. 3.5Kg - Lightweight springs designed for initial recovery, arthritic and osteoarthritic conditions, low muscle rebuilding and light exercise. 5.0Kg - Medium-weight springs designed for medium exercise, general fitness and light sports activity. 7.5Kg - Heavyweight springs designed for aggressive fitness programmes, heavy gym work and elite sports performance.