Memory Foam Leg Pillow

Sometimes it can be a nightmare trying to find the right position in bed so you can relax and comfortably get to sleep for the night. It can be made even worse if you have back or lower body pain to deal with. But those problems could be over by using our Leg Separating Pillow and its memory foam qualities to give you the support you need to drift off comfortably at night.
  • Comfortable memory foam for long-term back support.
  • Use during the day to support back and neck-related problems.
  • Suitable for post injury recovery.
  • Helps keep legs in alignment with hips.

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Why Buy The Memory Foam Leg Pillow?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality environmentally friendly materials.



Adapts to the shape of your body.



Lightweight and compact for easy transportation.



Improves your posture.

Key Features


Removable cover allows easy wash in machine.


Aids spine realignment.


Helps the back, knee, hips and legs.


Gives you a better night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is 25 x 19 x 13cm.
Even though it is recommended for adults, children can use this too.
The pillow is breathable and does not make you sweat or hot.
Yes, it will help your back. By raising legs it frees up the back.

More about the Memory Foam Leg Pillow

It’s a fantastic sleeping aid that is proven at increasing comfort levels for a variety of ailments. This is true even for people recovering from surgery, giving them more support so they feel relaxed and at ease, enabling their body to heal properly. Place it between your lower legs or under your ankles for optimum support so you can lie down in comfort.

Just as importantly, the Leg Pillow is easy to clean with the fabric grey cover removable so it can be placed in a washing machine using a 60°C temperature. The visco-elastic cells moulds and adapts to the shape of your body and the pillow returns back to its normal shape once the weight has been released.

And you don’t just have to use the knee pillow in the bed. It’s ideal for use during the day to support back and neck-related problems, easing discomfort you may experience so you can regain a better quality of life. It’s also light and extremely portable, so you can use it in a variety of places to help you posture and spine alignment 24/7.