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Gymnic Disc'o'Sit Junior Wobble Cushion Seat

Child's round wobble cushion that encourages 'active sitting' and reduces fidgeting.
SKU: 89.12
  • Helps build core strength and promotes proper alignment.
  • Aids children with ADHD or difficulty in sitting still.
  • Easily inflatable and use instantly.
  • Use anywhere at anytime.

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Why Buy The Gymnic Disc'o'Sit Junior Wobble Cushion Seat?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Promotes correct posture.



Improved core stability.



Improve your child's concentration.

Key Features


Use to aid balance.


For proprioception training.


Reduces fidgiting.


Encourages 'active sitting'.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each child's wobble cushion is made from tough, durable, latex-free PVC vinyl.
Yes, all Gymnic products are 100% latex-free.
No, you can purchase our PhysioRoom pump.
It measures 33cm in diameter.

More about the Gymnic Disc'o'Sit Junior Wobble Cushion Seat

You can use this in the home or at school, as an active sitting tool, to promote correct posture and improved core stability for your child. It can be used to improve your child's concentration by mimicking the feeling of sitting on a ball. In addition, it creates an unstable standing surface for balance and proprioception training.

Use the PhysioRoom Faster Blaster Dual Action Pump to inflate the Gymnic Disc'o'Sit Wobble Cushion (Junior). It can then be used for posture and balance exercises for your child. One side has anti-slip stripes and the other side has small bumps for sensory input to the part of the child's body in contact with it.

The dome shape and unevenness of the balance cushion add an element of instability, which means that children are forced to activate the supporting muscles of their legs or trunk to remain stable. This improves their concentration, especially if they have ADHD, along with their balance, posture and core stability.