Children’s Swimming Goggles

Whether going on holiday, heading down to the seaside for the day, or visiting the local swimming pool, you want your kids to feel safe and relaxed in the water. Our Children’s Swimming Goggles are designed to ensure just that, using high-quality materials and a unique design that promotes comfort and confidence at all times.
SKU: XH3100
  • Double-deck seal design and silicone frame construction.
  • Made from odourless and hypoallergenic silicon.
  • Comes with their own dedicated case.
  • Available in pink and blue.

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Why Buy The Children’s Swimming Goggles?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.

Prevent Leakage

Prevent Leakage

Frame construction prevents leakage.



Safe and easy to carry in case provided.

Dark Lenses

Dark Lenses

Dark lenses reduce light transmissions to the eye for outdoor use.

Key Features


The straps are easy to adjust.


Protection against water filled with chlorine and harmful UV light.

Clear Vision

Anti-mirror fog coating will keep their vision clear.


Comfort around nose and eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is PVC and latex free.
It is made out of Plastic, Silicone, Rubber.
The product is designed to fit children and teens, and has a strap that can be adjusted in size.
Yes, they are good for the swimming pool as well as the sea.

More about the Children’s Swimming Goggles

These goggles come complete with a double-deck design and silicone gasket frame to stop any water leakage. The ultraviolet-proof material coats the outside of the lens, giving long-lasting protection against sunlight on bright, sunny days. That means full protection against water filled with chlorine and harmful UV light, letting your little ones get on with the important business of having fun.

The straps are easy to adjust and the ergonomic design straps around the eye sockets offer great protection. As your kids grow older, they can continue to use the same goggles and enjoy the same levels of comfort. Made from the highest quality hypoallergenic silicone, they are latex and PVC-free and emit no odour at all.

As your children swim around, the anti-mirror fog coating will keep their vision clear on all sides, giving them a clear path to navigate. These goggles also come with an easy to carry holding case, keeping them protected when not in use. All you have to do is sit back and let your kids enjoy their time in the water, safe in the knowledge their eyes are being protected from start to finish.