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Walking Braces & Splints

Walking braces and walking splints, such as the Aircast SP Walker, Aircast XP Walker and the Aircast Foam Walker are a fantastic innovation in the treatment and management of injuries such as shin fractures, Tibial fractures, fibula fractures, broken leg, broken foot, cuboid fracture, navicular fracture, talus fracture, metatarsal fractures, Jones fractures and following foot and ankle surgery.

Aircast walking braces are lightweight removable plastic casts. They provide as much immobilisation and protection for fractures and broken bones as an old fashioned plaster of paris cast but, because they are lightweight and removable, they are much more comfortable for the patient.

By simply undoing the Velcro on the Aircast Walker the affected foot can be removed for washing and bathing, making the Walker more hygienic; and rehabilitation exercises can be performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist. By regularly doing these rehab exercises the injury recovers faster. The Aircast Walker range also features pneumatic walkers that have inflatable air cells within the brace. These can be custom inflated using a bulb hand pump that is provided to ensure a custom fit. The air cells provide graded compression that helps to prevent a reduce swelling around the ankle, foot and lower leg. This speeds up the recovery from a broken leg or a broken foot.