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Neck Pain Relief

Neck problems such as whiplash, arthritis, wry neck, cervical disc prolapse and torticollis are common causes of neck pain and a stiff neck. Neck pain relief products can be helpful in the treatment of painful neck conditions. Our range of includes memory foam neck pain pillows, home traction kits, soft neck collars, heat packs and massage balms for the home treatment of neck pain, whiplash, arthritis, torticollis, wry neck, stiff neck and a slipped disc in the neck.

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What Are The Best Neck Pain Relief Products?

Physiotherapy treatment for a stiff and painful neck often involves massage to reduce neck muscle spasm and pain. Massage may be preceded by heat therapy in the form of a hot pack which elicits relaxation and a relief from painful neck muscle spasm. Physiotherapists often use traction to relieve pressure on the discs in the neck and help to relieve neck pain and stiffness.

In the acute early stages of a neck problem a soft neck collar made from foam may be very helpful at providing neck support by supporting the weight of the head and allowing the neck muscles to relax.

A neck pain pillow is an excellent method of preventing neck pain where there has been a history of a neck problem. Our range of memory foam pillows for neck pain allow sufficient neck comfort to get a good night's sleep in many cases where lying flat to sleep causes severe neck pain.