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Black Weightlifting Straps

Lifting weights can help you achieve incredible gains – but it is important that you prepare well and use good quality equipment that will keep your body safe at all times. Our Black Weightlifting Straps are designed to ensure you have the very best support when lifting heavy weights, protecting your body and keeping your mind clear of worry.
  • Use to relieve pressure on deadlifts, pull-ups, lat pulling, heavy rowing and more.
  • Comfortable wearing guaranteed thanks to the soft neoprene padding.
  • Lifting straps ensure you enjoy a strong hold to increase safety.
  • Straps work to prevent blisters, calluses and cuts caused by lifting.

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Why Buy The Black Weightlifting Straps?

Prevents Blisters

Prevents Blisters

Straps work to prevent blisters.



Carry anywhere you need to go.



Increase safety when working out.

Regular Use

Regular Use

Great for regular use.

Key Features


For pull-ups, heavy deadlifts, lat pulling, heaving rowing and much more.

One Size

One size is perfect for everyone.


Easily stored away when not in use.


Made from durable and long-lasting materials.

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.


Comfortable due to padding.

Frequently Asked Questions

It measures 0.2 x 3 x 6cm.
It prevents cuts, blisters and calluses developing.
Polyester and Neoprene.

More about the Black Weightlifting Straps

After a while it’s only normal that you want to step up to the next level to push more weights. Use the straps to ease pressure on your forearms when lifting a heavier weight, and enjoy the support they offer for pull-ups, heavy deadlifts, lat pulling, heaving rowing and much more. Then all you have to think about is your body form and achieving new personal goals you can be proud of.

These lifting straps feature soft neoprene padding that offers ongoing comfort without cutting into the skin. A secure hold is ensured with the powerlifting wrist straps, which lowers risks and any possible imbalance during the lift. They work with any type of bar so you don’t have to worry about investing in additional equipment.

Enjoy the compression support offered by these weightlifting wrist wraps, giving you a firm and comfortable grip around the wrists. This works to prevent cuts, blisters and calluses developing as a result of your workout and keeps your hands safe. Get in the shape you want and reduce harm to your body with this essential accessory for your workout equipment.