The ankle supports and braces that we offer at Physio Room are the perfect injury rehab tools. They're specially designed to aid the recovery of ankle injuries. They also provide support after injury. And they can help prevent to future ankle injuries. These may include sprains, fractures and tendonitis. We have a wide range of ankle supports and ankle braces for you to select from. So pick one today and get back out on the field or track in no time!

Compex Trizone Ankle Compression Sleeve Support
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PhysioRoom Air Ankle / Foot Shield Walker
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PhysioRoom Compression Ankle Sleeve Sock
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PhysioRoom Gel Heel Protector Sock Support
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Treat acute ankle injuries and chronic conditions with products from this range.

Ankle Braces

Shop from best-selling ankle braces like the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace. Our variety of supports and braces can help keep you mobile or protect your ankle whilst it's out of action.

For Ankle Injury and Recovery

Something like an ankle sprain is a common injury for anyone who plays sport. An ankle support for sprain can help prevent pain and swelling. And for severe sprains, we have suitable braces and walking boots.

Post-injury, it can take some time for overstretched ligaments to regain tensile strength. In this time, they're not protecting the joint adequately. Using a support can help prevent re-injury until they regain this strength. So shop this range to support your rehab. You'll find products that world-famous athletes such as Andy Murray have chosen before! PhysioRoom is the perfect place to find your perfect ankle rehabilitation product.

For Improved Performance

You can also use ankle supports can during physical activity. This can help to either enable or even enhance athletic performance. An ankle support for football and other sports is a great option, as they are lightweight, breathable, and enabling you to continue to hit your peak performance level. Don't let ankle pain stop you from staying active!

For Chronic Ankle Instability

If you have chronic instability in your ankle joint then you may be looking for stabilisers. You'll find products for conditions like chronic weak ankles and arthritic ankles in this range. You'll also find products that can reinforce the supporting action of different ankle ligaments.

Or, you may be seeking support and pain relief after suffering an injury to your Achilles tendon. If so, check out our Achilles straps.

Physical Therapy

Your physical therapist may have recommended an ankle support brace for an injured ankle. If so, then pick up a quality but cost-effective solution today.

The Effects of Ankle Taping

You may even want to incorporate taping to help prevent re-injury. A combination of taping and an ankle brace can help to keep the joint semi-rigid. Plus, it can do so without inhibiting blood flow. And all whilst putting your mind at ease.