Why buy the Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace?

High Quality
High Quality

Made from high-quality materials

Extra Comfort
Extra Comfort

Adjustable straps for added comfort.

Modern Design
Modern Design

All black sleek design to fit nicely with shoes.

Daily Use
Daily Use

Great for daily use and whilst playing sports.

Key Features


Velcro straps around the brace to ensure stability and support are at a maximum whilst you’re wearing your ankle brace.


Three different sizes are available with options for each foot for better support depending on your shoe size.


Moulded once worn to fit comfortably under shoes and in daily use as you’re carrying out your daily tasks.


The breathable fabric covers the whole ankle and foot excluding the heel to aid a fast and healthy recovery.

Adjustable straps

Easy to put on and adjustable straps for added support and comfort as you’re playing your favourite sports.


Velcro straps around the brace to ensure stability and support is at a maximum whilst you’re wearing your ankle brace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remove all clothing from the area. Measuring above clothing may cause the wrong size to be ordered or the product to not fit correctly, not allowing the ultimate level of protection.

If you are between sizes, please select the larger size.

Please see our Shoe Size Conversion Chart Below.

Sizing for the A60 Ankle Brace is based on UK sizes.

Small Up to 6.5 (Ladies up to 6)

Medium 7-10.5 (Ladies 6.5 - 10)

Large 11+ (Ladies 10.5 +)

Patent-pending anatomical design incorporates a pair of sleek stabilisers located on either side of the ankle. These stabilisers are moulded at a 60-degree angle to help guard against a sprained ankle and prevent ankle rollover.

Manufactured from Breath-O-Prene material. The A60 ensures that the wearer stays comfortable, cool and dry, while the lightweight design easily fits in athletic footwear without creating additional bulk. It's got a fantastic breathable material perfect for keeping your ankle cool.

The Aircast A60 is applied and adjusted with a single strap made of Velcro that securely holds it in place, replacing time-consuming lacing. The breathable fabric covers the full ankle including the foot and lower leg.

The Aircast A60 ankle brace features a specially designed split in the material under the foot; this allows you to move the mesh to one side so you can remove the support before washing.

The Aircast ankle brace can be worn directly on the skin or over a thin sock or ankle sleeve. An exterior sock or ankle sleeve can also be worn over the brace to provide additional protection from any exterior damage caused by footwear and weather. The brace is constructed from lightweight mesh covering the inner splints.

This should be worn as a preventative measure after a sprain and when playing sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and more. It’s not suitable for activities such as swimming.

Ankle braces can be worn for up to 12 months after a sprain if you feel you’re in a situation where you need more support. It’s important to keep the movement up and not wear an ankle brace all of the time.

If you’re not playing sport, an ankle brace should be worn up to 6 hours a day. Once it’s moulded to your foot, it’ll become more comfortable and it’ll be easier to wear with your shoes.

More about the Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is lightweight and built for sporting injuries as well as high-impact injuries such as ankle sprains and ligament injuries. This great piece of sports equipment will help to support your ankle injury whilst you continue with your daily activities.

The adjustable straps help to ensure the ankle support is comfortable as well as making it easy to put on and use. This ankle brace can be used during sports activities such as basketball and tennis or during the day to give you more support to your ankle whilst you recover.

This ankle brace is loved by the professionals like Andy Murray and beginner athletes alike. You can use the ankle support over your socks to prevent friction from occurring on your feet and below your shoes to allow yourself maximum stability. You’re able to wear this ankle brace in a wide range of weather conditions since the breathable material allows ventilation to your foot.

Remember only to wear this when you feel like you need the support most, avoid wearing the ankle brace at times when you’re not walking, running or playing any other kinds of sports to allow your ankle to properly recover.

Your ankle brace works by restricting your range of motion during physical activity, allowing you to carry on daily tasks without further damaging your ankle. Anke supports work well for sprained ankles, both severe sprains and acute ankle injuries, chronic instability and any other common injury impacting the ankle joint.

Your injured ankle should still be moved slowly and with the help of a professional or physical therapy if needed, especially for a severe ankle sprain, this helps to regain muscle strength. For ankle fractures, try using a walking boot instead of a brace for support around the ankle joint and to help the ankle bone recover properly.