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Adjustable Groin & Hamstring Support

Two of the most common injuries experienced by athletes and people who exercise on a regular basis are groin and hamstring strains. Our Adjustable Groin and Hamstring Support is designed to offer ongoing support for anyone who has experienced a pull or strain in these areas, helping you to recover quickly and effectively.
SKU: SM044
  • Fully adjustable support strap made from premium neoprene.
  • Use to support groin strains, sciatic nerves, sprains, lower back, hips, thighs and hamstring.
  • Helps pain control with hip flexor strain, piriformis syndrome, quadriceps groin strains and more.
  • Unisex product for men and women.

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Why Buy The Adjustable Groin & Hamstring Support?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality



Find the right fit for you.



It keeps the muscles warm .

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Alleviates pain.

Key Features


Speeds up recovery time.


Support your thigh, hip and lower back.


Minimising discomfort.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

This support is one size fits all.
This support should be hand washed only.
Yes, you can run whilst wearing this support.
It smells completely normal and it is harmless to your health.

More about the Adjustable Groin & Hamstring Support

This is a high quality brace that features adjustable straps that allow you to easily find the right fit for your body. It allows you to recover quickly while also going about your daily tasks with far less restrictions. Anyone dealing with groin strains, sprains and sciatic nerves issues, or recovering from thigh, hip, hamstring or groin injuries will benefit from using this medically engineered strap.

Made from the highest quality neoprene our Adjustable Groin and Hamstring Support keeps the muscles warm in the affected area, promoting movement while easing pains, aches and any stiffness you may be experiencing. This is exactly what you need when undergoing rehabilitation and looking to assist muscle and tendon recovery.

The Adjustable Groin and Hamstring Support comes in one size and fits perfectly onto both the left and right legs, while being suitable for both men and women. It works to support your thigh, hip and lower back, minimising discomfort associated with issues such as hip flexor strain, piriformis syndrome, thigh hamstring injury, quadriceps groin strain and more.