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ProCare Universal Clavicle Support - AC Joint - Broken Collar Bone - Immobilisation for Recovery

Product Code: 79-85100

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What is the ProCare Universal Clavicle?

Deluxe 'Figure of 8' shoulder support for the treatment of a broken Collar bone and Acromio-Clavicular (AC) joint injuries (shoulder separations). Easy to apply, this super comfortable foam support puts the shoulder girdle in the best possible position for healing.

When to use it?

  • During the healing period following broken Collar bone, AcromioClavicular (AC) 'shoulder separation' injuries.
  • Can be worn 24 hours to make sure the shoulder is in the best possible position for healing.

Which size do I need?

One size fits most.

How does it work?

Broken Collar bones and AcromioClavicular (AC) joint (shoulder separation) injuries are common in sports or following a fall onto an outstretched hand. A position of 'shoulder retraction' with the shoulders relaxed back provides the optimal position for healing of these injuries. The ProCare Universal Collar Bone support is a comfortable 'Figure of 8' support that ensures the broken Collar bone or shoulder separation injury is in the best position for healing.

Simply slip it over both shoulders and custom tighten using the Velcro straps.

Product Features

  • EASY TO APPLY:this super comfortable foam support puts the shoulder girdle in the best possible po
  • CAN BE WORN 24 hours to make sure the shoulder is in the best possible position for healing.
  • SIZE:one size fits most.
  • POSTURE:improve your Posture
  • COMFORTABLE:fully Adjustable

Product Spec

General Specs
ColourGrey / White
One SizeYes
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryShoulder Support
Latex FreeYes


Average Customer Rating ProCare Universal Clavicle Support - AC Joint - Broken Collar Bone - Immobilisation for Recovery has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (10 reviews)

“Great support definitely worth buying”

Reviewed by Melissa

Having snapped my collar bone and used a sling for 4 weeks my muscles had taken hold of my posture giving me new aches and pain on top of the expected with the break! This brace supports my collar bone and encourages the shoulders to stay in a neutral position.
Certainly worth its value and would recommend to anyone suffering from collar bone fractures or shoulder joint injuries!

“Good, but straps tend to chafe below the arms.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this for my partner who suffers from severe tension in the muscles surrounding her shoulders and neck area due to a neck problem. The only issue she has with the device is that the tensioning straps tens to 'dig in' below her arms. To relieve this she has put some tubi-grip style bandaging around the straps. Other than that, the device seems to work really well in helping to support her shoulders in a muscle relieving posture.

“Good support. Once in you are trapped. ”

Reviewed by JohnA

The support seems good but you need someone to help you get into it. And then once in you are trapped until someone comes to your assistance. I also have a broken scapula so perhaps with only a broken collar bone you'd manage to undo the Velcro. But it's done up at the back so I doubt it.

I did find that it also work fine with only one arm through in the Broken side and the other side used like sling which was fairly comfortable.

Arrived next day so very good service.


“An excellent clavicle support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I broke my collar bone recently. I decided not to have surgery and was told that I would be left with quite a lump on the collar bone and that it could take up to 6 - 12 months to heal. However, I have found since wearin theg clavicle support the lump has diminished, healing seems to have quickened and my overall posture improved too.

“Clavicle support”

Reviewed by Ian Hutchinson

Bought this as it was recommended as the preferred method of support for a broken clavicle over a sling.
The recommendation came from the Fracture Consultant at the Hospital.
Pain is reduced and it still allows you a little more flexibility than a sling
Shame the NHS can't provide one for recovery

“Initially comfy. But has a tendency to ride up your back”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This was comfortable at first.during wear it rode up my neck, causing discomfort. The straps became twisted as it was worn, so proved to become less comfortable as time went on. I have replaced it with a more substantial product, that fastens around the waist, so it does not ride up!

“totally impossible to adjust yourself”

Reviewed by Anonymous

this product promised the support which my collarbone so desperately needed. However, it is impossible to adjust the straps by yourself and even if you have someone to help work the tabs at the back, once on and tightened, when the time comes to take it off again, you are stuck. If this product had some fastening at the front, whereby the actual tab adjustments at the back could remain at the required position, it might be easier to fit on and off.

“A shoulder to lean on”

Reviewed by Stech

I came off my motorcycle & fell heavily on my right shoulder, sustaining a fractured clavicle. Internet search did not give a particularly optimistic prognosis, until I came across the PhysioRoom website. They have a clavicle brace which promised significantly better support than a conventional sling. I found immediate relief and comfort compared with the sling. I wore it day & night for 14 days & now after 19 days am wearing it only at night. The fracture clinic says another 3-4 weeks for complete healing, but in the meantime I am now doing light exercise of the arm. I am 68 years old & have been taking a vitamin K complex supplement as well as eating calcium rich foods. One tip, slide some tubigrip over the arm straps to avoid underarm chafing.

“support with freedom to move arm”

Reviewed by bolts

I bought this for better support for a broken collar bone than the sling supplied by the hospital. I would recommend using this support after 2 weeks from injury it gives a lot more freedom to move your arm which prevents the shoulder from stiffening up. I have seen the doctor at 4 weeks and he agreed I have a lot more movement in my shoulder which will give a quicker recovery I would recommend this for a broken collar bone.....

“Really good support for a broken collar bone.”

Reviewed by Robert Wilson

I struggled for a week with the cloth sling the Hospital provided me when I broke my collar bone. A friend told me about a friend of his who had this 'figure of 8' type of support, I googled it, and bought this one from 'Physioroom'. The information sheet showing how to fit it was slightly confusing but eventually it was fitted correctly and it was brilliant. It pulled the shoulder back into a better position and left my arm free to move.
When I went to the Hospital Fracture Clinic at 2 weeks the doctor wanted to know where I had got the support, he thought it was excellent and that it held the shoulder in a great position for healing, as good as operating and pinning, he said. He tightened it up really tight on me, which helped even more. I kept it on to 3 weeks and then was ok without it unless when I was going for long walks. 5 weeks now and well recovered, just need to get strength and flexibility back in the arm. Excellent support, highly recommend.

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