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PhysioRoom Seat Wedge Cushion - Improve Posture & Reduce Back Pain - Latex Free Material

Product Code: AB307101

£16.49 inc VAT




What is the Seat Wedge Posture Cushion?

Designed to stop slouching, the Seat Wedge helps to improve posture and reduce back pain when sitting down. The wedge is made of phalate free material and does not contain latex.

When to use it

Improve posture instantly by siting on the Seating Wedge - the sloping shape tilts the pelvis forward to help prevent slouching, straighten the spine and ease back pain.

Free PhysioRoom Towel

How does it work?

Easy to use, simply place the Seating Wedge on a chair and sit on it. The gradient on the wedge means you must actively use support muscles to remain stable. This aids posture, prevents slouching and stops prolonged stress on the structures of the lower back. The cushioned wedge comes with a textured surface for comfortable siting.

This product is easily inflated using the PhysioRoom Faster Blaster Dual Action Pump! which is sold separately.


The dimensions of this Seating Wedge are 34cm x 34cm, with a height of 6.8cm at the thickest end.

Common Conditions

  • Back pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbago

Product Features

  • POSTURE: Stops slouching whilst seated
  • STRAIGHT: Straighten the spine and ease back pain
  • RELIEF: Reduces back pain from herniated disc, sciatica & lumbago
  • METHOD: Pushes pelvis forward to reduce strain on the back
  • DIMENSIONS: 34cm x 34cm, with a height of 6.8cm at the thickest end

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeYes
Functional UsePosture Improvement / Back Pain Reduction
Functional Type/CategorySeat Cushion
Latex FreeYes
Dimensions34 x 34 x 6.8cm (W x D x H)
Indication (General)
IndicationHelps improve posture and prevent Lower back ache
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
Premium Use
Activity of Daily LivingYes
Conservative UseYes
Sport Activity
No Sport ActivityYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Neutral PositioningYes
Liners Material
Indication (Back)
Spinal StenosisYes
Disc Herniation & DegenerationYes
Acute & Chronic Low Back PainYes
Low Back SprainsYes
Low Back StrainsYes
Effectivity (Ankle)
Proprioceptive & Neuromuscular StimulatiYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Stability IncreaseYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Seat Wedge Cushion - Improve Posture & Reduce Back Pain - Latex Free Material has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (29 reviews)


Reviewed by Tasty

Did the trick

“perfect support for chair”

Reviewed by Anonymous

excellent product

“Perfect for me”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Exactly what I needed comfortable to sit on & use in the car...I have 'bucket' seats which tilt my hips and pelvis back instead of forward, so the cushion angles in the right direction with comfort

“Just the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I really needed something to counteract the backward-sloping seat in my car and this wedge does the trick. It is not too hard but firm enough to give me the right amount of support.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Value for money , great service.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Value for money , great service.

“Seating wedge inflatable cushion.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Thank you for this product, it seems to do the trick in the car raising my height to a much more practical level. Cheaper than buying a new car with higher seats!

“Very neat, very effective”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Thank you - yes, I liked this product. Neat and less obtrusive than some cushions - immediately very supportive and comfortable and I am sure, long term, beneficial. Great delivery also!

“Good ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am recovering from sciatica and I found this much more better than a memory cushion one as its helps to make sitting on hard surfaces a lot more comfortable while I am recovering .

“Pain free driving!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was dubious as to whether this would help, but it improved my driving posture so much my back pain instantly disappeared. The little bobbles on the seat aren't uncomfortable to sit on, either, as I thought they might be. I've already recommended this to a friend with similar problems (lower back pain whilst driving). I do really feel like it's a little miracle. I also added a little memory foam cushion behind my back and it's almost perfectly comfortable now. Fantastic!

“sturdy product, excellent support”

Reviewed by Andrea C

Excellent product, good 'wobble effect' to encourage build up of core muscles. We bought two of these for the meditation room in our Buddhist Centre to encourage better posture during meditation - some people have fed back that the wobble effect, while good when sitting at a desk, doesn't necessarily serve the stillness of the body encouraged in meditation. So we may look elsewhere for future purchases, but that doesn't take away from the excellence (and excellent price) of this product.

“First Class”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have been having problems whilst driving any distance due to pressure on my lower hip bone. a neighbour suggested a wedge. this product has helped me a lot, the ability to adjust the pressure via the removable plug makes it very flexible.

“Not stable enough, wobbles about too much. ”

Reviewed by H Jackson

Well, to be honest, I didn't really like this product. There were no instructions as to how much air was needed so it has been a case if trial and error. To be fair, I had been advised to buy a wedge cushion to help my posture when playing my violin. So of course it was too wobbly for that. There are several choices I could have made but not knowing where to start I began with the cheapest. Too cheap to bother returning. I may have to find personnel references as to which cushion I should have bought.

“Kind to bum and back!”

Reviewed by niktor

I ordered this thinking it was a solid foam wedge but was delighted with my error! This is awesome, allows the back to flex gently and comfortably and has made a huge difference to making my whole upper body more relaxed. I spend a lot of day in front of the computer and using this stops my bum feeling the size of a county at the end of the day. Just about to order another 3 to use around the home and in the car. Excellent value!!


Reviewed by Rachel W

I bought 2 of these for my 14yr old son. He had been recommended a similar product by his Occupational therapist to help with his posture and also concentration due to his dyspraxia. Recommended product was rather expensive so I did some googling and came across this superb value Spine cushion.
He uses both every day - one stays at home for when eating and on computer etc and the other he carries from class to class to use for all his lessons. We are all very happy with this cushion (have tried it myself and quite fancy one now).

“Not sure”

Reviewed by AngieP

Good that it can inflate or deflate as you want it. But as it is plastic, sitting on it for a prolonged period of time makes your backside very hot and sweaty - not pleasant. I think I will make a fabric cover for it and persevere.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Everything was exceptional thank you.

“Delighted with product.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This cushion has helped me greatly. I suffered a trapped nerve which was very painful when sitting. I have been able to return to work and I am using the cushion all the time while at work. I will order another one to use at home.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by ALAN BOURNE

The wedge cushion fits perfectly on my car seat, and does exactly what it is intended to do.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by ALAN BOURNE

The wedge cushion fits perfectly on my car seat, and does exactly what it is intended to do.

“Wrong measurements”

Reviewed by Fiona

The dimensions are incorrect they are actually 34 x 34 x 6, fortunately as it is slightly rounded at the back it just fits into my car seat. It is fairly comfortable and seems to do the job but the main reason for choosing this product was because of its dimensions in order to fit into my bucket car seats which have a width of 31 cm and fortunately the rubber bends!


Reviewed by Maddie

Very comfortable - thought it might be a bit hot to sit on, but it's fine. Just the right amount of 'give' in it for me - I'm used to a foam wedge and like them, but this definitely improves my posture without distracting me from what I'm working on.

Recommended to me by my chiropractor, and I'm very pleased he did.

“Very pleased”

Reviewed by Paula

Great quality very pleased, for my son who has sensory needs it really helps him sit still at his desk

“As described ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good value for money.

“Sit down in comfort and stay energetic”

Reviewed by Drone

This seat wedge does make a difference. I feel energetic for much longer on one of these. The intrinsic movement that comes from sitting on this flexible cushion keeps the hip, knee and ankle joints free.
The wedge shape means you can choose precisely the height you want to sit at, i.e. further forward is lower and back is higher.
I am going to buy more if these!

“seat wedge”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fantastic bit of kit, both my children love it, it helps them sit properly to do homework, eat everything seated is easier...

“having a degernerative disc a huge improvement”

Reviewed by Indyblade

If your a very tall person you may find your head rubbing on the roof, the quality is good and fits both my car seats very neatly and without distoring the seat material, I do find that taking it indoors over night prevents sitting on a very cold seat in a morning. Ive found it a great improvement in a comfy driving position and would recommend the purchase highly and dont be put off by the cheap price its very a verygood item.

“Seating Wedge”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Really effective with almost instant solution to problem. Couldn't believe how much better with relief from ache.

“Great for driving.”

Reviewed by Fjelds

Good to keep movin'!

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