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PhysioRoom Advanced Hinged Knee Brace - Wrap Around Knee Support for Rehab & Pain Relief

Product Code: RH017

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What is the Advanced Hinged Knee Brace ?

This high quality, advanced hinged knee brace, with Airmesh four-way stretch fabric for a custom fit, features wrap-around Velcro straps that make it easy to put on.
Protects the knee following ligament sprains, cartilage tears and mild arthritis.

When can I use it?

  • To relieve knee pain
  • To protect the medial (MCL; Inside) and lateral (LCL; Outside) collateral knee ligaments
  • Following a cartilage injury or when there is mild arthritis in the knee

Which size do I need?

Measure around centre of the knee.
If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size. This product can be used on either the left or the right knee.

  • Small = 29cm - 33cm (11"-12")
  • Medium = 33-37cm (12"-13")
  • Large = 37-41cm (15"-16")
  • X-Large: 41-45cm (16" - 17")
  • XX-Large: 45-49 cm (17"-19")

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How does it work?

This Advanced Knee Brace features a Dual Pivot Hinge which holds the knee in a stable position, helping to prevent flexion and extension, thus protecting the joint from more damage. The brace's wrap-around straps enable you to put it on without pulling it over the foot and lower leg. A popliteal opening behind the knee makes it comfortable to wear, while a gel-filled surround holds the patella firmly, prevents displacement of the knee cap and provides gentle massage.
Its four-way stretch, multi-filament fabric ensures a supportive fit and comfortable cushioning and because its breathable construction allows air to circulate freely, the Advanced Knee Brace can be worn for extended periods of time. Regular use of the knee brace can reduce muscular tension and swelling, while speeding up recovery.

Product Features

  • Helps protect weakened ligaments on the in and out side of the knee joint and offers support for cartilage tear or mild arthritis
  • Fitted with a soft gel patella cushion and hinge for support around the front and sides of the knee joint.
  • Ideal for all types of sport and leisure activity. Can be worn for longer periods of time
  • Made with Airmesh four-way stretch fabric to bring warmth to the joint and for optimal comfort.
  • Fits right or left leg. Hand wash only. Check product description for size guide

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
Functional UseCompression / Support / Protection
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
OsteoarthritisYes (Mild)
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Standard Thigh & Short calfNo
Short Thigh & CalfNo
Standard Thigh & Calf Yes
Internal/External Rotation ControlNo
Abduction/Adduction ControlNo
Range Of Motion ControlNo
Indication (Knee)
Patellofemoral OANo
ACL InjuryNo
PCL InjuryNo
Combined Instability (ACL + PCL)No
MCL InjuryYes
LCL InjuryYes
General Anterior Knee PainYes
Meniscal InjuryYes
General InstabilityYes
General Knee SwellingYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Advanced Hinged Knee Brace - Wrap Around Knee Support for Rehab & Pain Relief has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (41 reviews)

“Good, but sizing a little off.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Ordered this knee brace after reading the excellent reviews to support my knee while recovering from a torn meniscus tear. Measured my knee, all good, but unfortunately the velcro strap wouldn't meet at the back of my thigh. Calf not so bad, but still not great. Will be returning and will look for something with a bit more allowance in it.

“Excellent Value”

Reviewed by Tey

So pleased with this I'm ordering another one to wear on the other leg. Really comfortable and really supportive allowing me to skateboard ramps and Bowls with two damaged knees. Large Knee Pads fit comfortably over the top

“Good support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good product, but very slow delivery , and had to ring up to see where it was on two occasions

“so comfy”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought for a knee that has ACL deficiency, some OA and varus deformity.
Very comfortable , no rubbing and reduced symptoms of pain and instability.
It was well tested 6 days solid walking round Disney in the heat - will certainly recommend and very well priced.

“Pain free again!”

Reviewed by Adrenaline junkie girl

I came off a motocross bike two days ago and dislocated my right knee, luckily it popped straight back in but my MCL was horribly swollen and obviously damaged. I ordered this brace straight away and put it on as soon as it arrived, I can walk without crutches already!!! Amazing support, it's like having a new knee. I'll be back on the bikes in no time :)

“Pain free again!”

Reviewed by Adrenaline junkie girl

I came off a motocross bike two days ago and dislocated my right knee, luckily it popped straight back in but my MCL was horribly swollen and obviously damaged. I ordered this brace straight away and put it on as soon as it arrived, I can walk without crutches already!!! Amazing support, it's like having a new knee. I'll be back on the bikes in no time :)

“Amazing support”

Reviewed by Steve P

I bought this brace to play American Football in. In 2014 I suffered a neurological illness which has left me with bad nerve damage and connections, no where more so than my left knee.

This brace acts as a new knee for me and ive not a complaint yet.

Amazing for the price, now I just need one for my right knee to give even more power o my game!

“very good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

excellent product that has helped with my knee problems. Powerwalking without pain now.

“A well made brace which gives adequate support to the knee.”

Reviewed by Tony one

I have found this brace to give lots of support throughout sports activities. It fits well and the knee feels very secure.

“A great product.”

Reviewed by William

Whilst the brace was bigger than I thought it would be, I quickly got used to it. One word of warning though, wear something underneath it as it does become uncomfortable on the skin quite quickly. I wear a tubigrip bandage underneath mine.

“Seems to help but some edges could be softened.”

Reviewed by Chasalec

Good price, I believe and well manufactured but some of the strapping just aggravates the skin. Minor but a detail that could be fixed.

“Well constructed and comfortable support”

Reviewed by jaybe19

This brace is well constructed and gives a comfortable fit.

The only drawback is that material is harsh and therefore irritates the soft tissue around the knee particularly at the lower thigh.

“Knee brace”

Reviewed by Neillyk

Hi this is a good quality product, comfortable to wear with lots of adjustment potential. Lightweight yet strong it offers flexibility and allows movement due to the enclosed plastic hinge.
Only criticism comes from protruding material at sides of knee when leg is bent, not sure if that excess material is necessary or if it could be removed during manufacturing process.

“one minoe but irritating problem”

Reviewed by dominic charles

The knee brace fits well and provides the required support. Unfortunately the hard bits on the Velcro fasteners faces inwards: it is impossible to fit it so that these do not rub my skin.

“Excellent product. Knee brace that worked extremely well.”

Reviewed by Calum

The knee brace helped me considerably and reduced my pain. It is well made and very fit for purpose.


Reviewed by Wyandra

Support has been noticeable when walking 2/3 miles every day. Going to order another one for the other knee!

“This is well made and provides very good knee support”

Reviewed by MDH

I found this knee brace a bit too bulky and uncomfortable when worn for any length of time. Unfortunately I have advanced osteo arthritis and now have to resort to knee replacement surgery - I should have purchased this knee brace much earlier !

“I returnerd the item; it was uncomfortable”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have been credited with my money. I do want a knee brace and hope I can look again at your products

“Knee brace”

Reviewed by Iris Scullion

I ordered my Knee Brace last Friday 5th June but did not receive it until Monday 8th June ,I thought it was next day delivery!
It was ordered in the morning of the 5th.

“hinged knee brace.”

Reviewed by Wendy

very good quality knee brace helps me walk a lot better due to arthritis.

“I believe kneevstrapmis good but was insufficient for my lev”

Reviewed by Hugh Shields

Had to return insuffient for my level of Athrites.

“Good support,”

Reviewed by James Easton

The support was instant and took the pain away, I have arthritis at the back of my knee joint and as a member of the Reserves still take place in loaded marches on a regular basis, only thing is it does nip the skin at the back of the leg where the velcro is otherwise its a great product and does exactly what it says on the box and I was able to wear it all day.

“Good service, pity item didn't fit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good, well made knee brace but had to return as was not comfortable enough (despite ordering correct size according to size chart).

“Made my ski holiday!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I've been struggling to ski for the past few years with gritty cartilidge in my knees and am usually in agony after day 2. I've tried various knee supports but got myself 2 of these and had absolutely no trouble for the whole week away.
100% happy.

“Excellent product fully supportive”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This allowed me to ski for a whole week 4 weeks after injuring my knee (ligament strain) and gave me confidence.

“good product”

Reviewed by kevin

supports my knee and stops all twisting which is helping greatly with my recovery
Velcro can become uncomfortable if not very careful with the straps
limits bending movement a bit which is good but awkward
but all in all a very good and not too expensive product


Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product my son has torn ligaments and cruciate damage and needs the support until knee surgery. Back at work after 5 months of physio.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Aidan the Kneeless

This is a well made brace that has provided good support and helped with my MCL recovery.

It is easy to put on, as it doesn't need to be slid up the leg in order to do this.

“Excellent value for money”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was very impressed with the quality of this knee brace. I had a knee replacement some years ago and was issued with a hideous object by the hospital which kept coming apart - this one is much more user-friendly! It fits well and is very comfortable.

“Knee Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent brace. Holds knee in comfortable and secure position for skiing. I have had an ACL repair and patella fracture and with this brace I am still able to ski.

“High quality & effective”

Reviewed by Hully

Mild arthritis in my right knee which was beginning to become more than irritating. A tennis friend with a similar problem had bought one of these & recommended it - plus a physiotherapist friend said good things about PhysioRoom. Checked it out online & decided to try it.....and am really glad I did. It's a bit bulky and the velcro can chafe if you don't take care to put it on correctly, but it offers excellent support and has meant I can play on consecutive days for the first time in years. Very happy!

“Just what the doctor ordered!!”

Reviewed by Martib McD

This is a well made item and at a price that makes it worth a punt to see if it provided my dad with the knee support he needed.

In the event it works very well.


“Worthwhile knee brace for the price.”

Reviewed by Surfman

Just back from a weeks skiing in France. I have lost a lot of cartilidge in my left knee and I was worried I would never ski again, but this brace certainly helped. I still had some pain but I managed to ski everything I wanted to, and in control (most of the time). I've tried other knee braces and I have an expensive carbon fibre hard shell brace which is useless as it hurts like hell and slides down constantly. The PhysioRoom brace is light and comfortable with minimal chaffing, mainly at the rear of the knee from the velcro straps, but I got arround this by using either cheap neopreen knee and shin sleeves (from the local pound shop) or by wareing my thermal longs to avoid direct skin contact. All in all, this has been a worthwhile purchase for me. It's not perfect but it is the best I have tried so far.

“Does what it says on the tin !!”

Reviewed by patchezzie

excellent support for my poor knee, I tore lateral ligaments, and I have other supports ....none like this A++++ . It doesn`t make you all icky and sweaty. Made a huge improvement! My only critisism is, I wish the hook and loop "behind the knee tabs" were longer and slightly slimmer.

“It was well worth purchase thank you”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I brought this item for my husband and he has benefitted so much so it really was worth buying.

“really effective support”

Reviewed by kim truscott

Having recently had an acl transplant and repair of bi-lateral minisci tears following a skiing accident, I wanted to get back into skiing as soon as possible. I found the brace very effective.

The support was very good and did not feel weak in any way and it was not uncomfortable at all. The brace was warm but not sweaty, and did not chaff in any area (although I always wore a stocking underneath it.)

It had been the best product I could have chosen for the price and can highly recommend it.

“knee brace has helped”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This knee brace has helped me get around while suffering from a torn cartlidge without putting any extra srain on the knee. All over a good product I am very glad that I purchased this item.

“Excellent Product For Price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This knee brace is excellent for its price, well built and easy to put on.

After suffering from cartilage tears twice in 11 months, this is something that is going to assist greatly in recovery a 2nd time.

Would highly recommend this product!

“Great product but not suited to me”

Reviewed by Peter2

The quality and structure of the brace is really good, and the wrap-around design was a big attraction for me as unlike other designs it means you can fit it without removing your footwear. But the edge of the lining at the back chafed my leg too much despite what I did to adjust it and I concluded sadly that I couldn't wear it.

“Sturdy, high quality knee brace.”

Reviewed by candace

This knee brace is just what the Dr. ordered for me, having suffered a re-injury of an old running knee. I like the fact that the back of my knee is open, and the above and below the knee support is steady. the hinge is well protected. It gives the desired support, is comfortable, easy to use, and will be of service to me for a long time to come. The price was more than fair for the product.

“Lightweight and supportive”

Reviewed by Injured skier

A very good product-much better than the archaic brace the hospital gave me.

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