What is the ProCare Adams Collar?

Semi rigid neck collar for the treatment of neck pain, whiplash and neck muscle spasm.

When can I use it?

To relieve the symptoms whiplash, neck pain and neck stiffness.

Which size do I need?

Measure around the neck.

  • Small 27-34cm (10.5-13.5")
  • Medium 31-38cm (12-15")
  • Large 35-43cm (14-16.5")

How does it work?

The ProCare Adams Collar contains mouldable polystyrene beads inside a 100% cotton stockinette for maximum comfort. It fastens at the back with Velcro. The polystyrene beads provide semi rigid support, but allow the collar to conform to the individual anatomy of the neck for the most comfortable fit.

Together with physiotherapy treatment, semi rigid collars are effective in relieving neck pain and neck muscle spasm because they support the weight of the head and allow the neck to relax.

The Pro Care Adams Collar can be machine washed and will dry quickly for continued comfort and hygiene.

General Specs
Latex FreeYes
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Indication (General)
Postoperative RehabilitationYes
IndicationPain Relief / Immobilisation
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
Strap Configuration (Brace)
Strap TypeAdjustable
Buckles TypeVelcro
Frame Specification (General)
Soft MaterialsCotton / Polystyrene Beads
Indication (Neck)
Neck Muscle Spasm / StiffnessYes
Whiplash InjuryYes
Functional Specs (Neck)
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
WashableHand / Machine