What is the PhysioRoom Swimming Board?

Swimmers and triathletes looking to improve their technique can use this specially designed swim float to take their skills to the next level. Even if you’re not a serious athlete and just simply want to improve your own water skills, this training accessory gives you everything you need. Thanks to its shape and buoyancy you get a product that will allow you to enhance your fitness in no time.

For swimmers looking to optimise their kick technique, the swim float ticks all the right boxes. Not only will it enable you to become faster in the pool but also make more efficient use of your bodily energy, so you can power through the water and onto amazing results. If you have specific time targets or goals to achieve, putting in the training with this float will reap its rewards sooner rather than later.

This is especially true for competitive swimmers. Marginal gains can make a huge difference to where you finish and your confidence heading into the next race. Sometimes a race can be won or lost on 100ths of a second and using this swim float will let you maximise your ability to fine-tune your technique to reach peak performance.

Thanks to the many years we’ve been working in the fitness industry our expertise can be passed onto athletes to sharpen their skillset. This swim float has been specifically designed and shaped for swimmers who want to get the most out of their time in the pool. There’s no better way to improve your posture, achieve better body alignment and to make training much more rewarding.

Swimming Board Features:

  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and control
  • Helps to improve your swimming weaknesses
  • Makes you far more efficient when in the water
  • Beat your training goals and become even fitter
  • Tone and strengthen your legs and enhance your technique
General Specs
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