What is the Physicool 500ml Coolant Recharge Bottle?

The Physicool Coolant is used to recharge the Physicool Cooling Bandage, this allows you to top-up the special cold therapy formula directly which means the bandage can remain in place maximising the cooling benefits of this lightweight support. Alternatively the recharge can be applied once the bandage has been returned to the protective holding packet.

  • 500ml of Recharging Coolant will give 7 recharges of the bandage
  • Quickly reduces swelling and pain
  • Physicool is a recognised medical treatment
  • Each coolant application will last between 2-3 hours
  • Add coolant, reseal, reuse

How to use

  • Re-roll the bandage after use and affix the end using the self-grip strap then place carefully within the reusable packaging
  • Fill the packaging with coolant until the bandage is submerged(approximately 70-80ml) and reseal the packet
  • Shake the sachet for 30 seconds, then leave for 2 minutes (This will allow the coolant to be thoroughly absorbed and be ready for reuse)

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our customers had to say about using the Physicool Coolant 500ml!

Graham Peabody "Thank you so much for sending me the Physicool 5ooml. I received it this morning, in fact I've got the bandage on now. I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2010 after undergoing knee surgery where I caught a severe infection. I have tried so many types of medication over the years. My RA has become so serve that I now take oral Oramorph for the pain + rub in Ibropen Gel. Since trying Physicool I don't use Ibropen Gel, I use Physicool because it cools down the painful swelling joint and last for 2 hours plus. I use it up to 4 times a day I would recommend to any RA suffer to try."

Ann Power "Having being given the coolant and bandage in hospital after a knee replacement operation. This order as a replacement after the orginal ran out. It proved an excellent coolant for reducing swelling after the operation. The price was excellent compared with others and the delivery was fast. Would recommend the coolant and the company."

The Physicool 500ml Coolant Bottle is used to recharge the Physicool Cooling Bandage, it can be applied directly onto the bandage when it is wrapped around an injury, or you can soak a rolled up bandage in the coolant using the bandage’s resealable foil pack.