Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow Cushion

The position you sleep in can go a long way to helping your back pain and our Half Moon Memory Foam Cushion is designed to support you right through the night. It aids circulation and reduces varicose veins and is also a good option for anyone recovering from surgery. It offers a range of uses to relieve back pain and is ideal for use anywhere in the home.
  • Memory foam cushion for leg elevation and back support.
  • Use in-between knees and under back to relieve pain.
  • Back strap fits over office/car chairs and also ideal for Pilates and yoga classes.
  • Improves spine realignment for a better night’s sleep.

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Why Buy The Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow Cushion?

High Quality

High Quality

This pillow is made out of high quality memory foam.



Back strap fits over office/car chairs.



Lightweight and compact for easy transportation.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Relieves pain in lumbar, back, knees and much more.

Key Features


Aids people who are recovering from surgery.


Easy to pack into a bag to take anywhere you need.

Back Support

Realigning your back for both short and long-term comfort

Helps Circulation

Aids circulation and reduces varicose veins.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pillow measures ?39 x 19 x 9.5cm.
You can both machine wash and hand wash this pillow.
The main benefits include: pain relief, correcting posture, helping circulation and reduces varicose vein.

More about the PhysioRoom Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow Cushion

You can also bring the cushion with you to work or while out driving thanks to the strap featured on the reverse of the item. The ergonomic design gives you better back support in a variety of environments correcting posture and reducing pain. The multi-use, versatile nature of the cushion is lightweight and easy to pack into a bag to take anywhere you need.

Because many people choose to sleep on their side, the spine is put under a considerable amount of stress and pressure. By using the bolster pillow cushion, you can place it between your knees to offer increased back support, realigning your back for both short and long-term comfort so you get a much better night’s rest.

Sleep is so important to creating not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind, and if back pain is preventing from getting enough rest, the memory foam pillow offers the ideal solution. The variety of uses it offers makes this a smart investment to make, helping you sleep better and wake up ready to enjoy the day head.