What is the Gymnic Movin'Sit Seat Wedge (Junior)?

The Child's Wedge Seat by Gymnic is a wedged cushion that encourages 'active sitting' and helps to improve concentration. Measuring 25cm x 25cm, the Gymnic Seat Wedge is designed to help improve your child's posture and positioning in the home or at school. Ideal for sufferers of ADHD and children with attention difficulties.

When can I use it?

  • As an active sitting tool, to promote correct posture and improved core stability for your child.
  • In the home or at school, to improve the concentration of children who have ADHD and have difficulty in sitting still.

How does it work?

Use the Faster Blaster Dual Action Pump to inflate the Gymnic Movin'Sit Seat Wedge (Junior). Then simply place the cushion on your child's chair. The unpredictable base of support means that kids are forced to activate the supporting muscles of their trunk to remain stable. The wedge shape tilts their pelvis forwards to reduce stress on the lower back and prevents slouching, thus improving their posture.

Easily inflated by mouth or pump, the Gymnic Movin'Sit Seat Wedge (Junior) is adjustable to meet individual needs and deflates just as easily for compact storage.

For a lower price high quality alternative try
the Junior Seat Wedge.

Please note: All Gymnic products are 100% latex-free!

Child's wedge cushion that encourages 'active sitting' and improves concentration. Measures 25cm x 25cm.