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Our Roman Chair & Back Extension Bench offers multiple exercises in one, targeting your back, abs, and legs. Performing back extensions tones and strengthens your lower back, helping to improve posture and prevent back pain and back injury later down the line. 

Hyper back extensions also work to strengthen your core muscles and build abs, making it an extremely versatile piece of gym equipment. Complete sit ups, crunches, and I's, Y's, and T's alongside back extensions on the PhysioRoom Roman Chair & Back Extension Bench, and increase your core strength, improve your posture, and strengthen your glutes and hamstrings at once.

All of our home gym equipment pieces are foldable and boast a compact design which makes them easy to store away when no longer in use. Therefore, if you don't have the space in your home to keep your gym machines up all day this is not an issue. At PhysioRoom, we want to empower and optimise your performance, and our home gym workout equiment embodies this. Our machines are easy to assemble, easy to fold away, and accessible to everybody no matter how big or small your dedicated workout space is, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to work out.

Squats are the most effective way to strengthen and tone your glute muscles. Whether you want a more toned physique, want a stronger lower body, or want to work towards a bigger bum, squat exercises are the way to go.

With traditional squats, there is intense pressure on your knee joints, which can often lead to incorrect form and injuries. Here at PhysioRoom, we have a squat machine which resolves these issues, taking the pressure away from your knee joints, and fully activating your glutes for maximum benefits on every rep. With perfect form on every squat, it fast-tracks results quicker than standard squats, while also reducing the risk of incorrect form and injury, making it the best option for your glute exercises.

A multi-gym is any equipment providing two or more variations of exercise that can be used in the home. Multi-gyms are a fantastic way to stay in shape without the need to travel to the gym before work. A home gym takes the stress out of the workout. Allowing yourself to be completely focused on the task at hand and engage in a beneficial, effective workout. The home multi-gym industry has grown immensely over the last two decades. With constant improvements in technology and quality, the machines now on offer at PhysioRoom are top of the line.

Full Body Workout Equipment

One of the biggest advantages that home gym equipment possesses is that you can often perform multiple exercises and target various muscle groups with just one piece of equipment. While traditional gym memberships are a costly, repeating expense, our home gym equipment is a one-time investment into your health and your body. With our multi-purpose gym machines, you can train your full body and target specific muscle groups without needing to leave your home. Target different muscles on different days as you normally would at the gym, but without the expensive monthly membership. 

For Use During Physiotherapy

At PhysioRoom, our main priority is your health and wellbeing, which is why all of our fitness equipment and gym machines are also great at helping you through physio exercises. When recovering from injury, or building strength back up in a muscle or joint, doctors and health experts will often prescribe you with physiotherapy exercises to do at home. Completing these properly is essential in ensuring your recovery goes quickly and smoothly, so it is important that you have the right equipment necessary. 

With our range of gym equipment, you are able to target specific muscles and areas of the body, meaning you can focus fully on a particular body part that needs strengthening. Our machines make physiotherapy easier, with the risk of further damage caused by incorrect form eliminated.

Abdominal Gym Equipment

Within our range of workout equipment there are many pieces that target your core muscles. An ab crunch machine, abdominal roller, or sit up bench is a fantastic investment if are looking to improve your core strength and tone your abs. Each exercise and movement engages your core muscles, working to improve stability and strength, as well as improving your posture, physique and making your abdominis (6 pack muscles) more prominent.

Maintaining Your Home

Our machines are all foldable, compact, and lightweight to carry making them easy to store away when you have finished using them, and meaning you can easily transport between rooms depending on where you want to exercise. This is a major benefit as it means you don't need to sacrifice an entire room in your home to becoming the 'gym room', you can maintain your homes aesthetic and vibe by simply storing the equipment away after use.

Additionally, in regards to maintaining your home, we also offer excellent, shock absorbing gym and exercise mats, so you can go that one step further to ensure complete protection of your floors and your home. 

Adjustable Resistance Levels

A great feature of our home gym equipment pieces is the ability to alter the resistance level of them, changing the intensity of your workout. Change the angle and depth of your squat, sit up, or whichever exercise you are performing to increase or decrease the difficulty, training certain muscles harder than others.