Our range of foot care products can help improve your comfort. This may be during everyday exertions or sporting activities. Shop PhysioRoom's range of insoles and supports. They're perfect for running and other sports that put a heavy load on your feet.

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To tackle dry feet make sure to wash, dry, and moisturise after strenuous activity. To help prevent conditions like athlete's foot, consider using a separate towel. Dry thoroughly between your toes. To prevent dry feet, use a pumice stone or loofah to regularly remove dead skin. Then, briefly soak in warm water or apply lotion.

Regularly check your feet for any common issues. These may include swelling, bunions, ingrown toenails, cuts and bruises. Clean and dry your feet regularly and make sure to moisturise them. Wear comfortable socks and shoes with suitable insoles or arch supports.

Occupations that involve a lot of walking or standing can take their toll on the feet. This can cause conditions such as blisters and heel pain. It can also cause more serious issues like shin splints, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures. And all this can develop simply from impact on the feet and shins. But you can ease and correct these conditions with products from our large foot care range. Shop from orthotics, arch supports and insoles. Or, browse blister socks and heel pads among others items.


One of our best-selling Foot Care categories is our high-quality range of insoles. Use our insoles to help with a number of foot conditions. They come in a variety of designs and prices to suit your needs.

Orthotic insoles can also help in the treatment of common foot problems. These may include the likes of Plantar Fasciitis caused by flat feet. Shop by insole design features like 3/4 insoles, full-length or gel heel cups.

Foot Health and Daily Care

Foot pain can come from many sources including anything from dry skin to a fungal infection. It may even simply be because of tired feet. Our range of foot care supplies includes insoles and supports to help with various foot complications. We stock insoles for ball of foot pain as well as correctors for any painful condition like bunions. Remember to keep feet clean, rested and properly supported. Or seek out a foot doctor for further diagnosis.

For a Range Of Foot Types and Sizes

Deal with or work to prevent foot injuries with PhysioRoom's wide range of foot care products, or even check out our range of ankle support boots and braces if your injury is a bit more serious. And remember - healthy feet are happy feet!