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Taping & Strapping

Taping and strapping are used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers and sports therapists in the treatment of sports injuries and to provide support for injured joints and soft tissues. At PhysioRoom we have a variety of high quality kinesiology tapes, cohesive bandages and much more to help you to manage the injuries that you are at risk of as an athlete.

For muscular support and consistent compression, which allows for full joint movement, the ideal choice is Kinesiology Tape. While our cohesive bandages are excellent products for applying a compression bandage to limit bleeding and swelling within a joint. Meanwhile our pre-tape under wrap is perfect for prevention of chafing and to prevent skin irritation when the ankle, knee wrist or hand is taped up.

Tape Adhesive & Tape Adhesive Removers

Our adhesive's and removers are the perfect solution for your taping needs. Tape adhesive is applied to the skin prior to a taping technique, in order to help your tape of choice stick to the skin more effectively and prevent it from loosening while exercising and sweating. Simply spray it on the area of skin where the tape is going to be applied to make your tape job more effective. While our tape adhesive removers are an easy and painless method of removing tape jobs from the skin.