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Neck Supports & Braces

Neck supports and collars at PhysioRoom are specially made to increase your comfort levels and aid recovery while dealing with a neck injury. In our range you'll find neck collars that can help with conditions such as: Neck Pain, Whiplash, Neck Muscle Spasms, Stiff Neck and Strained Neck Ligaments.

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Neck supports can be effectively used during the treatment of neck pain and additional related conditions. Neck braces and soft collars are designed to both provide support and help carry the weight of the head; which subsequently relieves strain on the neck muscles. A soft collar can also be helpful in limiting painful movements following neck injuries such as whiplash, and provide peace of mind until pain and discomfort eases.

In the majority of cases, neck injuries occur when the head moves quickly in relation to the rest of the body. Posture that involves excessive looking down, either at a computer, a phone screen or in occupations such as hairdressing can also cause neck pain by overstretching the muscles and ligaments needed to support the weight of the head. Sustained posture or sudden movement can cause muscles and ligaments at the back of the neck to stretch, which will consequently result in pain and stiffness within the area.

On top of this, our pillows and mattresses are also ideal for treating stiff necks and the associated back pains that accompany a neck injury. Overnight the neck can become stiff, especially after injury so, speed up your recovery by checking out our memory foam pillows.

Cervical Collars Used by the NHS

Our range of soft neck collar supports are designed to provide support and to help carry the weight of the head; which relieves strain on the neck muscles. They protect and cushion the neck following mild to moderate muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. It can also be used to help with cervical posture. A semi-rigid collar is especially effective in reducing stress on the ligaments and muscle tissue, along with the pain associated with a whiplash injury.