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Muscle Stimulators and TENS Machines

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What are Muscle Stimulators?

Electrical Muscle Stimulators use intelligent electro pulse technology to work the body during both exercise and rest. Made with athletes in mind, muscle stimulators are designed to increase the challenge of a training program, prevent injuries, quicken recovery from injury, provide pain management and more. Easy to use and compact, these personal fitness machines can be taken with you whenever you exercise.

How do Muscle Stimulators work?

Muscle stimulators charge your body with electrical impulses to activate and engage more of your muscles than you would when usually completing your workout, even those that you don't usually feel or control! On top of these more 'hidden' muscles, muscle stimulators ensure that all your major muscle groups are thoroughly exercised. When combined with your regular exercise, muscle stimulators are a simple way to complete an extra intense workout in a shorter time period within a safe level.

What is the best muscle stimulator to buy?

At PhysioRoom, we stock a variety of different muscle stimulators. If you are struggling to identify the perfect muscle stimulator for your circumstances, take a look at some of our most popular products. We stock models designed for professional athletes. Used in conjunction with exercise to build the ultimate workout, they can be used to help aid recovery, and able to be used before, during and after exercise to help target all muscles.

We stock easy to use muscle and ab stimulators, that will help you tone your muscles and keep in shape. These products' exceptional versatility will allow you to effectively firm up your arms and abs and can be used at any time.

Muscle Stimulators are a great device for recovering from injury, pain relief and fitness development. These products are a useful tool for athletes of all levels and are perfect for targeting all muscle groups easily and safely.

What are TENS machines?

TENS machines are pain relief devices that are used by physiotherapists and specialist pain clinics in the treatment of conditions that cause back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain and hand pain. TENS stands for 'transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation', a form of direct current that is passed through the skin using adhesive electrodes.

How do TENS machines work?

The TENS current stimulates nerve endings that pass an impulse to the brain, which acts as a counter stimulation to the original pain signals and results in pain relief. The portable TENS unit can clip onto your trousers and thin wires connect from the unit to the adhesive electrodes that stick onto the skin around the area of pain. TENS machines can be portable and can be used at home, at work or when travelling.

What are TENS Machines used for?

TENS treatment has been scientifically proven to reduce pain intensity and is a safe, cost effective and drug free alternative for the treatment of pain. TENS is an effective form of pain relief for Arthritis, Back Pain, Bursitis, Period Pain, Labour pain, Neck Pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Sciatica, Tendonitis and Whiplash.