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Foot Care

Our range of foot care products can help improve your comfort during sports, particularly distance running and marathon running. Conditions such as blisters, shin splints, heel pain and stress fractures can each develop from impact on the feet and shins which can be eased and corrected by products such as arch supports, insoles, blister socks and heel pads as seen on

Blisters can form during everyday activities when friction between the layers of the skin causes a pocket of fluid or blood to develop. Blister treatment involves keeping the blister clean, particularly if the skin is broken. Applying a Compeed Blister Plaster can help speed up the healing process and prevent any further friction. Anti-blister creams such as Sidas Anti-Friction Cream work to reduce rubbing against the skin of the feet. Compeed also produce footcare products including corn plasters and heel crack cream.

For running and sports use, blister prevention socks are ideal. The 1000 Mile Ultimate Tactel Socks features a blister free guarantee. 1000 Mile socks are also made from a special moisture wicking fabric that prevents build up of perspiration and keeps the feet in better condition.

Insoles and orthotics are products that can prevent running injuries such as shin splints, shin stress reactions and plantar fasciitis. Shock absorbing inner soles such as Noene, Sidas and Enertor reduce the stress on the lower body to assist sports injury prevention. Orthotic insoles also help combat problems due to flat feet, fallen arches and excessive pronation during running.

Foot Care