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3/4 Length Orthotics

Physiotherapists, podiatrists and orthotists commonly recommend orthotics and arch supports to relieve foot pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain and back pain. ¾ Orthotics and Arch Supports are ideal for sports and running shoes, where they can be inserted as an insole replacement.

Three Quarter Length Orthotic Insoles

Our first ¾ length orthotics are specifically designed for flat, low or fallen arches the RX 3/4 length orthotic arch supports feature a flexible, plastic arch insert which can be moulded for a custom fit; this helps to support and control the foot. Featuring a four-way stretch antimicrobial fabric with an antimicrobial layer to control odour and prevent blisters these orthotic arch supports reduce pronation and supination for improved stability.Check out the Spenco RX 3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles by clicking here!

Constructed from a four-way stretch fabric with an antimicrobial layer to control odour and prevent blisters, these EVA insoles provide effective relief from arch pain, and are great for shoes with a tighter fitting. To learn more about the PhysioRoom 3/4 Length EVA Insoles, click here!

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