Back Supports & Braces

Our selection of back supports and back braces can be used for back pain caused by many conditions. These may include sciatica, a slipped disc or sacroiliac joint pain. They can also be used if you suffer from facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. Or, our supports and braces are suitable for all-round back rehabilitation.

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The best back support depends on your individual needs, size and level of activity. But some great designs available at Physioroom include the elite back brace and elite sports back brace. These provide optimum support, compression and comfort. Twin pulls on either side allow a fit that suits you. They also allow for adjustment to provide the exact support you need. The neoprene back support provides comfort to alleviate lower back, sacroiliac or pelvic pain.

Back supports that support the upper back and shoulders are the best for improving posture. Posture correctors are designed to encourage proper spine alignment. They do this by gently pulling your shoulders back to relieve pressure on the back muscles. The added support from a back posture corrector also relieves back pain.

PhysioRoom stocks a range of back straighteners that can be worn under clothing. These are perfect for wearing while at the office or at work. Make sure you don't suffer from preventable back pain while at work. Adjustable straps make it easy to find the right configuration that is both comfortable and beneficial for your posture.

Yes, a back support can help take the strain away from the lower back. This can help if it's painful and affecting walking, work or day-to-day life. Back supports are not designed to be a permanent cure. The cause of the pain can be addressed through strengthening or stretching. But a back support can help reduce symptoms and protect the injury so healing can begin.

Yes, back braces can help reduce the load on the spine when lifting heavy items. Often muscles, ligaments, individual vertebrae or vertebral discs can be injured with lifting. So a back brace can help disperse the load and reduce the chance of injuries or strains.

Pain Relief

To help relieve muscle tension and spasms, you may be considering wearing a back brace. Selecting a support based on your injury is the best choice to ensure maximum effectiveness. Lower back pain and chronic pain can be alleviated with the correct choice of back support, and at PhysioRoom we have a wide range of braces and supports to select from, meaning that whatever your condition, we have the option for you.

Post-Spine Surgery

Following spinal surgery, you may be advised to wear a back brace during physiotherapy. A lumbar support belt, also commonly known as a lower back support belt can help to support the spinal column and minimise the risk of re-injury, all whilst aiding rehabilitation. 

It is important to take back pain recovery seriously, and at PhysioRoom we have an entire range of back  supports to help you through.

Lumbar Brace

Whether you need support for the lumbar spine or thoracic spine, you can find a supportive brace in our lower back and lumbar brace category. For upper and middle spine support, our shoulder supports collection is a great option to explore. These braces provide comfort and stability, ensuring back pain and shoulder pain relief, as well as helping to promote proper spinal alignment to improve posture.  

Posture Correctors

Poor posture can be a symptom of sitting at a desk too long. To maintain healthy posture, even if you don't have an active lifestyle, invest in an orthopaedic back support as these are great for promoting proper spinal alignment, and posture correction. These types of brace encourage an upright posture and posture improvements can lead to pain mitigation.

Additionally, sitting at a desk for too long while at home or at work can also be a cause for bad posture. Investing in a chair back support is a wise choice to help prevent this from becoming an issue. At Physioroom, we have an entire range of back braces and back supports to help you battle through back pain.

Sports Back Braces

By providing adequate support to the back and abdominal muscles, a sports back brace can play a pivotal role in preventing injuries related to sudden movements, changes in direction, and other sporting related movements. A belt for back pain caused by sporting injuries can improve comfort, and even enhance performance when partaking in sport or physical activity.