Aircast Foot Cryo Cuff

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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

What is the Aircast Foot Cryo/Cuff?

Nylon cuff that can be applied for the cold therapy treatment of foot injuries.

When can I use it?

The Aircast Foot Cryo/Cuff requires a cooler and tube assembly, which is available separately or together as a complete kit.

Many elite athletes use this product following foot injuries and foot surgery. Anyone with a foot injury can also benefit from using this product. It can be used at home for the treatment of all foot injuries, such as sprained foot; Lisfranc injury; foot arthritis; Metatarsal fracture; Plantar Fasciitis; Avulsion fractures; bone bruising; and following foot arthroscopy and foot surgery.

Which size do I need?

Measure around the foot:

  • Medium 23-33cm (9"-13")
  • Large 25-43cm (10"-17")

How does it work?

The Aircast Foot Cryo/Cuff is an easy to use device that circulates ice cold water to provide cold therapy in the treatment of injuries. This version is specific for the foot and offers the very best option in ice and compression therapy.

The Aircast Foot Cryo/Cuff combines the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression to minimise bleeding and swelling in the foot, and cold to minimise pain.

The information provided comes direct from the manufacturer and is not in anyway endorsed or substantiated by

General Specs
One SizeNo
Functional UsePain/Swelling Relief
Functional Type/CategoryCold
Power SourceNone
Working Time30 Minutes
Indication (General)
Postoperative RehabilitationYes
IndicationIce and Compression therapy for foot and ankle injuries
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
Physiotherapy ProgramYes
Premium Use
Conservative UseYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
General Specs (Hot/Cold Terapy)
Gravity DrivenNo
Ice Cubes NeededNo
Indication (Hot/Cold Terapy)
Reconstructive ProceduresYes
Recurrant Joint SwellingYes
Sterile ApplicationNo
Hypoxia PreventionNo
Indication (Ankle)
Plantar Fasciitis (PF)Yes
Heel PainYes
Post-Op Ankle TreatmentYes
Chronic Ankle SprainYes
Acute Ankle InjuryYes
Tender AnklesYes
Swollen AnkleYes
Post-Op Foot TreatmentYes
Effectivity (Ankle)
Suitable for Cold TherapyYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Oedema DecreaseYes
Functional Specs (Hot/Cold Terapy)
TemperatureConstant / Inaccurate
Semi-Closed LoopNo
Includes Pad/WrapYes
Fixation of PadsYes
Even Heat DistributionNo
Easy Fit & StayYes