Every good swimmer is only as good as the goggles they use, which is why investing in the right pair is so important. After all, if they fog up too easily and blur your view, you won’t get very far in the water. Our Adult Swimming Goggles offer a 180 degree clear field of vision without distortion, although for people with smaller faces or heads they may not be suitable for this product.

It comes with a soft nose bridge that is both flexible and durable, so your nose never has to suffer when swimming. That pain can be a major distraction at times, but once you strap these goggles on, that will no longer be a concern. The elastomeric technology will also reduce undue pressure around the head and eyes, keeping out water and chlorine found in swimming pools.

By wearing these goggles you also benefit from 100% UV protection when swimming on holiday or on a family day out at the beach. That means less glare and bright lights intruding on your time in the pool, keeping you safer and allowing for a more enjoyable experience whilst swimming.

Choose between the clear lens for indoor swimming and the mirrored lens when opting to swim outdoors. These swimming goggles also come with a 12 month guarantee, ensuring you get fantastic value for money. Sometimes all it takes is the simplest changes to your routine or equipment to produce the very best results and investing in these goggles will give you the chance to do just that.

Product Features:
  • Streamlined design ensures 180 degree line of clear vision
  • Soft nose bridge enhances comfort for the ultimate swimming experience
  • 100% UV protect shields your eyes from glare and bright lights outdoors
  • Elastomeric technology seals the goggles to keep water out at all times
  • Use the clear or mirrored lens to suit when swimming indoors or outdoors