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PhysioRoom Wrist Brace with Thumb Splint - Wrist & Thumb Support for Sport & Pain Relief

Product Code: RH025

£9.99 inc VAT




What is the Wrist Brace with Thumb Splint?

Adjustable, lightweight and removable wrist/thumb brace that can also be used as a protective cast. Protects the wrist and thumb following fractures and sprains while permitting full finger function. Also suitable for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

When can I use it?

  • Following a broken wrist or sprained wrist.
  • Following a broken thumb or sprained thumb (skier's thumb).
  • Ideal during the healing stage of wrist and thumb ligament injuries and following surgery.
  • When you don't want a smelly wrist stuck inside a heavy old plaster.

Which size do I need?

Measure around wrist at widest point. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.

Free PhysioRoom Towel
  • Small: 13cm-15cm (5"-6")
  • Medium: 15cm-17cm (6"-6.75")
  • Large: 17cm-19cm (6.75"-7.5")
  • X-Large: 19cm-21cm (7.5"-8.75")

How does it work?

It has a strong but lightweight plastic shell and spica that protect and immobilise the wrist and thumb, just as well as an old fashioned plaster cast - except it's much easier to wear, and can be removed to allow you to wash and carry out supervised exercises. This speeds up the healing process.

The Wrist Brace with thumb spica has two dual stabilisers above and below the wrist, that are designed to support the wrist and prevent movement. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a personalised fit.

The Thumb Splint provides additional protection for the thumb and another Velcro strap ensures thumb immobilisation in a neutral position. This is ideal for allowing thumb injuries to heal. It is also possible to remove the metal bar from the wrist brace as the injury improves.

Product Features

  • VERSATILE: Wrist/thumb brace that can also be used as a protective cast
  • MEDICAL AID: Restricted mobility reduces pain from tendon and joint inflammation
  • PROVIDES GENTLE COMPRESSION: Ideal for acute and chronic wrist injury protection and recovery
  • DESIGN: Has two dual stabilisers above and below the wrist
  • ADJUSTABLE: Velcro straps ensure a personalised fit

Product Spec

General Specs
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
Functional UseSupport / Immobilisation / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryThumb & Wrist Support
Latex FreeYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Internal/External Rotation ControlYes
Abduction/Adduction ControlYes
Range Of Motion ControlNo
Neutral PositioningYes
Effectivity (Ankle)
Support & CompressionYes
Indication (Wrist)
Scaphoid InjuryYes
Gamekeepers ThumbYes
Quervain SyndromeYes
Metacarpophalangeal SprainsYes
Wrist FracturesYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Wrist Brace with Thumb Splint - Wrist & Thumb Support for Sport & Pain Relief has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (52 reviews)

“I love it”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have tried many different thumb splints due to dislocations, all had no effect what so ever,
I then discovered this one and felt instant relief. If I need a second one then I'll definitely be buying this one again

“Better than what the NHS provided”

Reviewed by Billie

I have a suspected scaphoid fracture and the NHS only had the medium size splints in as they don't get small anymore, they told me it would do until my next appointment but it didn't and my injury hurt more, I bought this and it fits tiny wrists perfectly, it's comfortable, none sweaty and fully padded.

“The thumb/wrist splint I purchased to …”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The thumb/wrist splint I purchased to help my tendinitis is superb. It is great value for money, really comfortable and supportive, and good quality. It was delivered on schedule. I'm very pleased with both product and service.

“Very Good”

Reviewed by Hannah

Great Product. I have this one and a more expensive version as I needed two to wear one wash one! This was just as good as the more expensive product and more padded.

Slightly more bulky so harder to fit through sleeves but fit for purpose and a good price. As with all of these type of braces there is too much Velcro however the hooks were easier to cover up on this version meaning less ruined sleeves.

“Good wrist brace, a little bulky”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Solid, well made wrist and thumb brace. Lightwight, comfortable, with a good level of support and plenty of adjustability. Quite bulky, which makes wearing under some sleeves tricky, but overall a great product for the price.

“Secure hold, comfy fit, loads of velcro”

Reviewed by Dora

I needed a pair of them for both hands. They are a relief to have on, comfortable, though once on, I think twice about taking them off. They have velcro all over on them, meaning they are very adjustable and they tear up all my coats. Use the spare velcro you cut off them to cover up the uncovered bits before chucking the cuts out!


Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product! Does everything you need it to do

“very good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Just what I needed

“wrist brace with thumb splint”

Reviewed by Staceylee

I have severe carpal tunnel in both hands and I was suffering mostly at night time and it was so damn painful. My GP or local pharmacy couldn't get me these splints so after a particularly couple of bad nights, I went online and ordered both left and right hand splints and they have worked AMAZINGLY WELL!! I did Not think these splints would help me at all but I was wrong. Theyre Great!!

“mrs sm”

Reviewed by sannners

Absolutely brilliant brace pain relief straight away a little bulky but very wearable 100%

“Perfect for De Quervain Tenosynovitis”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was in constant pain before I ordered this brace. It effectively helps me rest my tendons while not getting in the way of my life. I highly recommend this!

“Great product”

Reviewed by SarahWillow87

These splints are amazing and I'm so glad I bought them. They're extremely comfortable and keep my wrist and thumb from hyperextending. Would 100% recommend.

“lasted a week! ”

Reviewed by Daz

The actual brace was better for the nhs one but, apart from causing blisters between thumb and palm, the stitching came out and the webbing holding the metal in place frayed completely.

“Great ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A bit of confusion regarding delivery but that's to be expected with Hermes I suppose. Brace much sturdier than NHS one after scaphoid fracture.

“Mr Roland Carn”

Reviewed by Roland

I was wearing the thumb and wrist support and saying that it was helpful and a friend asked where to purchase one. i understand that he has done so. On the other hand, some guidance in how to use the support would have been helpful. For instance how tight the straps should be and how to position it.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Sue (kayaker)

Used this wrist brace for a tendon injury. It was comfortable to wear and provided great support without being too heavy. My physiotherapist was also impressed!

“I absolutely love this brace. It is so comfortable to wear.”

Reviewed by Ducky

I have what my Dr states as Knitters thumb or gamers thumb. So I'm wearing out my tendon in my thumb. I crochet blankets for the children at our children's hospital in Seattle. But because I am medically retired now I work on them every day to make as many as I can. So in doing so my thumb is killing me daily now. But when I wear my brace the pain is way less. When I ordered the brace, I tried to find one in the states. But however they were very high priced and just not the right style. I'm very happy with my product.

“Wrist brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Just what I needed

“Good quality and effective ”

Reviewed by Sefasan

Very comfortable and really does isolate the thumb. I like the fact that you can take out the metal bar to make it less restrictive as the injury heals.

“Excellent value for money.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The brace is exactly as described. It fits well and supports my damaged thumb and also the wrist and forearm. Pain of arthritis and tendonitis reduced greatly wearing this. Price was amazing with quality first rate.

“Thumbs Up!”

Reviewed by Bushopper

Great product, brilliant price.
Replaced an NHS splint that was issued after thumb/wrist operation and Did a much better job.
Will follow up by buying a thumb support from same dealer.

“A great product at a fantastic price.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have tendinitis in my wrist and wanted something to immobilise the joint. This was perfect and I am so pleased. Great quality, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone with a similar condition. Easy to put on and take off and lightweight too.



I have recently had a severe series of falls ( two in a week!!) , breaking my thumb on the right hand in five places & a dislocation in my thumb in three places. The thumb injury needed surgery & although I can't fault the hospital care, the very poor quality little splint the hospital provided me was awful. So, I went on a search for something better and I found the Wrist Brace from I did not expect much from such a low priced item of just under £6.00, however as a doctor I was amazed at the quality & comfort the brace turned out to offer. It is worth every single penny of the purchase price and more!!. I had another fall a few days later, injuring my right wrist & arm resulting in a very bad sprain & strain, with deep tissue damage . The pain of both the thumb & wrist injury was intense, I could not drive etc, but the brace I had bought from physioroom gave such excellent support, pain was dramatically reduced by wearing it, the comfort is amazing and the quality of materials, build quality, etc is truly amazing. As a doctor I highly recommend this product, I doubt you will find better at this price, it's superb!!. Nothing I had bought prior beats this product for injuries such as this, and therefore you are in my honest & humble ( as well as professional medical opinion , buying the best wrist/ arm brace you can buy). The brace should IMHO be given out by Emergency Rooms/ A&E departments , it is so good!!. Highly recommended by a certified buyer & medical professional. I say to you all, if you need a brace or any other item for an injury, buy from here, you will not regret it. I rate it at 100 stars ( if the site would let me ;-) very pleased indeed) . Great buy.

“outstanding product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This wrist and thumb splint is hospital quality at a "cheap as chips" price. Brilliant support to the thumb and I could easily see this brace being charged at a private hospital at £50 rather than the £5.99 charged to me. Wear it daily and easily the best bargain of 2015.

“Excellent. ”

Reviewed by Sabiha

Really good product. Made a difference to my wrist straight away. Now I can easily pick my baby up without thinking my arm is going to fall off. I feel like I have got the strength back in my arm. I was diagnosed with tendinitis and my wrist movement was very restricted due to the pain. It would sometimes lock and I would have to click it to unlock it. Since using this product it has really helped with the recovery. And the best thing was, it was really cheap to buy. Would recommend to all of you have a weak and painful wrist.

“Great does what it says”

Reviewed by Anonymous


“Great does what it says”

Reviewed by Anonymous



Reviewed by Anonymous

It's really comfortable, doesn't make your hand to sweaty and supportive, but it does not go all the way to the tip of my thumb, so there is stil movement, making it good for driving, writing and typing with.

“Good quality & value”

Reviewed by Anonymous

great price, good quality. Arrived with a complimentary ice pack for future use, not expected. Only criticism of the product is that the thumb part was a bit bigger than I would have liked, my problem was at the wrist so I did not require full thumb support and there was no option for a partial thumb brace. The whole thing was comfortable and provided good support


Reviewed by Cathy Allen

The product is marvellous works really well .


Reviewed by Anonymous

Arrived quickly and great value. Structurally sound, much better than similar from a competitor


Reviewed by Anonymous

Gives me the confidence to use my had without the risk of any damage to my thumb.


Reviewed by BB

Recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and really struggling with wrist/thumbs (strength and pain). Waited an age for therapy referral and couldn't resist these for the price. They've been perfect. Stabilises my thumb and wrist but allows my swollen fingers to move freely. Slight issue that they're hand wash only, machine would have been better but I'll just buy another pair so I can alternate ;)

“Excellent support for wrist and thumb ”

Reviewed by Luke T

I'm currently receiving Physiotherapy treatment for tendonitis in my thumb/wrist. Unfortunately, I have been constantly catching my thumb and aggravating my condition. Having already invested in a basic thumb support, and having not found it to be very effective, I decided to buy this product as a more robust solution to my problem.

It works perfectly! It completely supports and isolates my thumb/wrist, and regardless of what I am doing, it is almost impossible to aggravate my tendonitis whilst wearing it.

The build quality is excellent given the incredibly reasonable price, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I'd recommend this product to anyone with wrist problems. It easy to fit and very comfortable to wear.

“Superb buy”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality, real support, bette in my opinion than others on the market.

“Wrist brace with thumb support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Well made item I feel the thumb support is not quite right for my hand but nevertheless may well be fine for other folk.


Reviewed by Miren

I have been suffering from tendinitis in my left hand for a number of months now. Bandages just do not stop me from moving my thumb when working around the house, so the inflammation will not go away. This brace finally has sorted that out. I still work but the brace impedes the movements that will prolong the problem; and I can say that after several days using it the pain is easing down. As it is easy to remove, I can shower or do the washing up and put it back straight on.

“Fantastic item”

Reviewed by Vickey

I suffer with Joint Hypermobility and have constant excruciating pain in my forearms and thumbs. Have tried other splints and supports but due to the constant use, nothing ever lasted very long.
These Physio Room wrist brace with thumb splint are brilliant. Great quality material, so I know they will withstand constant use. Very light weight and easy to get on and off. Due to the soft lining there is no neoprene next to the skin which when I sweat always causes a rash.
I would recommend these to anyone.

“Highly Recommend”

Reviewed by Davy

Bought this brace online due to severe pain in right thumb and after a fruitless search locally in chemists etc. As soon as I received it and put it on the relief was amazing and would not hesitate to recommend this brace and indeed the company to anyone out there looking for support and pain relief. Thank you so much -

“Quick turn round of order appreciated”

Reviewed by Anonymous

It was vital for me to receive my wrist brace asap and PhysioRoom turned round my order very quickly. Many thanks.

“Made my life so much easler”

Reviewed by Lisa Aquilla

I have Carpal tunnel syndrome and my right hand was I do much pain I could not use it.. Every day was a struggle and nights without sleep... Then I saw this wrist brace.. And my life changed... I was wearing it almost 24 hours.. Within the first 15min it was a strange feeling to wear the brace vut the the relief came.. No more pain.. Yaaay.. Now I'm only wearing it when I can feel some murmuring in the wrist.. And some times at night..
It's comfortable to wear.. Easy to fit with the adjustable straps... You get a lot of value for the money

“Made my life so much easler”

Reviewed by Lisa Aquilla

I have Carpal tunnel syndrome and my right hand was I do much pain I could not use it.. Every day was a struggle and nights without sleep... Then I saw this wrist brace.. And my life changed... I was wearing it almost 24 hours.. Within the first 15min it was a strange feeling to wear the brace vut the the relief came.. No more pain.. Yaaay.. Now I'm only wearing it when I can feel some murmuring in the wrist..
And some times at night..
It's comfortable to wear.. Easy to fit with the adjustable straps... You get a lot of value for the money

“First rate”

Reviewed by Wesley

I have bought from this site before and once again I got a good product which was well describe in good time at a very reasonable price.


Reviewed by Scott

Easy to fit on and provides more support than a cast.

“Exactly what I needed perfect.”

Reviewed by Garry James

Was given a spica brace by A&E which came apart but the wrist brace with thumb splint was perfect . It was a great support which was needed right up until my operation. Even my surgeon commented on the quality of the brace.

“Super soft. Super supportive”

Reviewed by Chrs C

I have RA and experience problems with my wrist and thumbs. I receive splints on the NHS but wanted something a bit more robust. I found that the product easy to put on and very supportive thanks to three wrist straps. The splint is lined and I have found it very comfortable to wear even for long periods. I am using it as a resting and occasional working splint. The thumb spica is a real bonus. I was really looking for something to provide wrist support but also address problems in the thumb where I experience inflammation, pain and unfortunately some deformity. The product looks well made. I received good advice on my initial enquiry to try and find the best product for my needs.

“Spot on for my type of injury”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Comfort and support where needed. Will be buying again !!!!

“Very good support for thumb very comfortable very pleased”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Delighted with the wrist and thumb support. Very comfortable very well made and the velcro is so very secure indeed. My only but is maybe the thumb part be in one whole piece giving enough flexibility to expand or to contract with size of thumb, as I feel at the moment it's a little awkward to make secure. But overall a very very good item well pleased and it makes and takes the much needed relief from the thumb/wrist that I so much needed.

“Great product !”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I broke my wrist and didn't really want the secondary cast on due to various reasons - so was given a substandard wrist brake, that bent in the first day - i ordered this brace and can't suggest a better item, i was slightly sceptical at first, but 2 days later i couldn't suggest a better brace for anyone with wrist problems - an amazing item !

“First Class!”

Reviewed by SMDavies

Excellent brace - provided great support and comfort and no doubt speeded up my recovery. Reasonable price. First class item.

“A robust product that worked well”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I wore this for two weeks and it helped a lot. Additonally it wore and lasted well. It remains usable for any future wrist problems.

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