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PhysioRoom Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap - Shoulder Rehab - Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Tendonitis

Product Code: SM029

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High quality custom fit shoulder strap to aid injuries such as bursitis, myositis and tendonitis.

When to use it

Use to aid the healing process of injuries to the shoulder and shoulder joint.

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Common conditions

  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Torn muscles or ligaments
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Rotator cuff tendons injury
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Myositis

Which size do I need?

Fits left or right shoulder.

Measure the circumference of the upper arm. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size.

  • Small 21 - 24.5cm
  • Medium 25 - 27.5cm
  • Large 28 - 29.5cm
  • Extra Large 30 - 32.5cm
  • Extra Extra Large 33 - 35.5cm

How it works

Compression, heat therapy, support and comfort is all directed at the shoulder to quicken the healing process after injury.

By retaining heat, this support helps to ease shoulder pain while reducing stiffness of the muscles. The strap is designed to apply pressure where it is most needed - to the Deltoid and Rotator cuff tendons, which is around the 'ball' of the shoulder.

This shoulder strap can be worn by both men and women comfortably over prolonged periods without cutting into the skin or causing irritations.

Product Features

  • VERSATILE: For both left and right shoulder
  • DESIGN: High quality custom fit shoulder strap to aid injuries such as bursitis and myositis
  • HEAT RETENTION: This support helps to ease shoulder pain while reducing stiffness of the muscles
  • HEALS FASTER: Use to aid the healing process of injuries to the shoulder and shoulder joint
  • MEDICAL AID: Effective warming support for the treatment and prevention of injuries to the shoulder

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryShoulder Support
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
Postoperative RehabilitationYes under consultant guidance
Indication▪ Swelling and inflammation
▪ Torn muscles or ligaments
▪ Shoulder bursitis
▪ Rotator cuff tendons injury
▪ Impingement syndrome
▪ Tendonitis
▪ Myositis
Soft Tissue Strains/RepairsYes
Premium Use
Contact SportYes
Activity of Daily LivingYes
Extreme SportsYes
Female SportsYes
Sport Activity
Water SportsYes
Other Sport ActivityYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Internal/External Rotation ControlYes
Abduction/Adduction ControlYes
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Neutral PositioningYes
Frame Specification (General)
Soft MaterialsYes
Indication (Knee)
General InstabilityYes
Effectivity (Ankle)
Support & CompressionYes
Functional Specs (Arm & Elbow)
Shoulder ImmobilizatonYes
Indication (Arm & Elbow)
Rotator Cuff RepairYes
Functional Specs (Walking Brace/Splint)
Protected Range of MotionYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Ligament Tendon RepairYes
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
WashableHand Wash Only


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom  Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap - Shoulder Rehab - Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Tendonitis has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (68 reviews)

“Andrea ”

Reviewed by Andrea l

Suffering from calcific tendonitis does exactly what it says. You do need to wear over clothing as it can rub. I ordered xl as the top of my arm is very swollen & it fitted perfect.
I wear it when the pain is really bad and it does stop the dull ache couldn't keep it on for more than a few hours as it gets really hot but I would highly recommended this product.
I chose next day delivery as I needed it in a hurry excellent service.

“Good service quality product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Received quickly and happy with quality. It's as expected after reading other reviews. Wear over shirt to avoid rash. You could rub vasoline on inside to avoid rash, this is what surfers do with new wetsuits and it's a lifesaver. Have not tried it on the guard but worth a shot.

“Good for relief of discomfort”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good but Velcro lining a bit uncomfortable.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought a small man's shoulder strap for my 12 year old son to protect it after a rugby injury. Seems to give the shoulder joint stability and protection when he started playing again.

“Larger than expected”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I measured my upper arm and as it was 27cm I ordered a medium support strap but it was too big. As the product appears to be good quality I'm in the process of returning it and reordering another one sized small this time. Not so happy that I have to pay three lots of postage though.

“Not great for women”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Firstly, if you wear this on the left shoulder as shown in the picture (which is what I needed) the velcro fastens BEHIND your back and it's impossible to put on without help! Secondly, the strap goes under the arm right across your breast so extremely uncomfortable if you're a woman.

“Very good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Gives good support for the shoulder, helped my rotator cuff disorder. Not comfortable next to the skin as the velcro rubs but vest or t-shirt underneath cures that. Highly recommended.


Reviewed by Dickles

I have a serious shoulder injury and this has helped a lot.

“Good protection whilst skiing”

Reviewed by kitpeter

The shoulder had been damaged a few weeks previously and the support provided comfort and limited the possibility of over extension

“Helpful ”

Reviewed by Tracey 16

I found it's helpful and supportive. I found the Velcro straps dig in if its not just right and the surplus part of the Velcro strap I've put an elastic band around them both to hold in place! Like on a watch strap holding the surplus bit of the strap.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Strap is good and does help me to sleep but find the velcro strap very uncomfortatable and rubs on my skin I have to therefore wear over a vest top.

“Very supportive”

Reviewed by Missuspisme

I have a badly torn rotator cuff. I am 55 years old. This support has given me so much pain relief. Thank you for the clear instructions

“excellent support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

the support is helping me to work with a muscular shoulder injury.
I have found it a great help

“Shoulder Support”

Reviewed by Cuddlywolverine

It works very well and has helped me with my shoulder problem. The only thing to watch for, the fact it can put strain on the neck muscles.

“Mrs B”

Reviewed by Mrs B

Having had 6 shoulder replacement surgeries I have been in constant pain for 6 years. In desperation I sent for this support and it has made so much difference to my life. I wear it all day for the warmth and support it gives my almost non existent muscles. The only downside to this is the under arm tightness and chaffing, but that is so much better than constant pain.

“Shoulder support strap.”

Reviewed by Pen18

Strap chaffs a little under the armpits otherise would have given 5*). Wore a tee shirt under it to make it more comfortable. Definitely helped support my shoulder. Wore it all the time (except bed) since it arrived. I've now tried it for a day without and shoulder feels better.

“Shoulder Support”

Reviewed by Timp

Great Item as described, fits well But didn't help my particular problem

“Good support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have 2 duff shoulders with rotator cuff injuries and collar bone mobile at one end. This brace gives support so I can get on with doing things, tried on either shoulder and supports well. During use the strap tends to ride up and cut into your armpit, so you just move it down again. If you wear it on the left the adjustment is behind you and impossible to reach, so you have to get it right before you put it on, but if you wear it on the right shoulder you can adjust as much as you want as the adjuster is now in front of you. Have just ordered another one so I can protect both shoulders, so I must think it's worth having!

“Just what the doctor ordered”

Reviewed by Anonymous

couldn't believe the relief as soon as the support was in position, the pain disappeared. The only downside is the warmth, how you miss it when you come to take it off.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

good product, good value.

“A great aid”

Reviewed by Val

This has given relief to me after about 3 days and will continue to wear until the problem is sorted


Reviewed by Anonymous

Find this product very supportive

“shoulder strap ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

after 3 months in hospital following a stroke the hospital physios gave me a device to help support my shoulder. what a load of rubbish. even physio said it was poor. physioroom sent me a newsletter and saw a shoulder strap that was more complex than i needed. a quick look on the website brought me to this shoulder strap. exactly what i wanted, support from the word go. there was even a special offer on it. took a bit of getting used to having it next to your skin but having it over a t shirt first was uncomfortable for me. highly recommended, both this strap and the comany.

“Very comfortable, good price. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good fit and really helped my shoulder.

“comfy tight fit excellent surport & ease of pain in recovery”

Reviewed by Anonymous

as it hard to compleatly rest a shoulder injury this for me was fantastic as it allowed me to continue everyday tasks with maximum surport and less pain th tight hold of strap gives a strong surport which is felt during use . A mild heat is also created in use witch works direct to injury & help with recovery time I also war for mild exercise during the healing prossess this strap ment I was able to do so feeling comfortable and very well supported . As I use pole dancing as my regular exercise my upper body takes most the strain it does its job perfectly I would recommend for mild injurys pulls and strains in that area

“Just what I needed!”

Reviewed by Robyn

Is exactly what the image looks like and it fits perfect and is supporting my shoulder as needed! Worth the money too!

“Great product”

Reviewed by spunky

It came very quickly and gave my husband real relief from his aching shoulder. Easy on and off too!

“Needs customising to provide any support”

Reviewed by Ash86

This product is undoubtedly well made, comfortable, and true to the size guide; at least in the arm/shoulder area.

It is let down by the strap. It has a fair-size 'hook' portion of velcro, approximately 15 cm long, but the 'loop' section is about a 5 cm square patch. The straps themselves are very long so even on the tightest I can do the strap up it does not tighten sufficiently to provide support.

For reference I am a woman, UK size 14 up top and have an 'XXL' right arm according to the size guide.

I will not be sending the item back but I will be shortening the strap and sewing some extra velcro to it to make it suitable for me. I think a size down would not fit and I am not sure if the straps would be any shorter.

I think that the item was probably designed with male stature (broader shoulders) in mind; I think perhaps options of strap size as well as arm size would be a better way to make this item truly unisex.


Reviewed by Lolly

This product not great for females cuts across the chest. Sleeve feels to short so not supported enough. I have rotator cuff injury was looking for more relief wearing this.

“value for money ”

Reviewed by noddy

it is a little difficult to fasten and you need to measure your arm carefully .

“Shoulder Support Strap”

Reviewed by McAlister

Has given considerable relief while at work with a broken shoulder

“Supports but irritates”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The shoulder padding is great but the strap kinda irritates will probably need to wear a t shirt underneath to stop irritation

“Poor design”

Reviewed by Martin6666666

Clearly not an issue for all, but there is clearly a design fault which affects some users, namely the Velcro fastening being positioned close to the armpit of the opposing side to the supported shoulder (as you can imagine from seeing the photo of the item). For me this was therefore completely unwearable. Otherwise textile and sowing quality seem good.


Reviewed by Ian McBeath

Shoulder support has eased my pain.

Many thanks.

“Good support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Shoulder strap gave good support but very rough around edges of Velcro which rubbed under arm. Ok if worn over fitted t shirt.

“very happy with the product ”

Reviewed by David j

Was happy with the products it self was very helpful for what i need

“Good basic support for the price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this for a sore shoulder with Rotator cuff problems. Use it overnight to stabilise the joint and it works well

“Good, basic shoulder support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good support, I was able to get it on and off by myself.

“shoulder support”

Reviewed by glen

Could someone ring me re this product I find it too difficult to put on on my own 01235 821008

“Good product”

Reviewed by Sarah w

Excellent fast delivery. Good product although was expecting a bit more support. I got a large as have a big chest, but small shoulders so it felt a little loose.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Sarah w

Good product although was expecting a bit more support. I got a large as have a big chest, but small shoulders so it felt a little loose.

“Brilliant in all respects”

Reviewed by Uppers

great product

“helpful support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am awating surgery and i am struggling with pain in the rotator cuff and bursa, This support really helps to alleviate the syntoms . Thanks


Reviewed by Joe T

The one I ordered is a bit too tight. I will be ordering another one soon which is one size larger.

“Supportive and comfortable”

Reviewed by Vincer

A good supportive product that has enabled me to start training again after a nasty shoulder injury.

“Good Support!”

Reviewed by ginger

I bought this after a distal clavicle sublux and rotary cuff tear to help support my shoulder while it healed, as someone with joint hypermobility syndrome (EDS 3) im indebted to the physio room who help put me back together again after i fall apart!

“First class job”

Reviewed by Murf

This is great product only thing I should got next size as bit tight!!

“Fits snug but too early to judge benefit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Came in good tome. Fits snug, but have to protect where strap fits under opposite arm - binds on pectoral. Injury seems long termish - so can't say how good it might be in helping healing.

“Very good just don't like the rubbery smell”

Reviewed by tazzb

I have found this most helpful in supporting my injured shoulder especially when driving

“awful for me to use”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I only used this product once and came our in a massive allergic reaction not pleased at all

“Shoulder support strap”

Reviewed by Rikki

the shoulder support strap is fantastic

“excellent - very supportive”

Reviewed by Anonymous

comfortable and easy to use although it would be good if there was a left shoulder version

“Excellent performance and value for money”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This was bought as a daily wear support to supplement a more substantial brace following a karate injury. Whilst it doesn't restrict movement much, it provides great support and fits really well, it's comfortable enough to wear all day. For the money you just can't beat it

“Supportive and protective”

Reviewed by Sammi

I bought this for my son when playing rugby as support and a preventative measure against injury. It has really helped and he feels it really helps with protection.

“shoulder strap”

Reviewed by foxy

My husband loves it. Excellent product would highly recommend

“Shoulder strap gives relief”

Reviewed by Mulgravemel

The shoulder support was just what I was looking for and the service was excellent the product was with me within 4 days this is the second item I have chosen from there range and both have worked very well thank you

“Shoulder strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Nice Strap, works well for boxing.

“Excellent Product”

Reviewed by Monoyios

I was really struggling with my shoulder during my volleyball training. This product really gave me a solution, it really provides a very good support with no restrictions on shoulder movement. Would highly recommend it to any volleyball player that has shoulder problems.

“A well made product that supports and aids recovery.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I purchased this 'Shoulder support strap' and found that it gave great support. It is actually quite comfortable and very warm. The compression and heat that this support provides has certainly assisted in my recovery.

“Good support during inactivity”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The strap provides good support. However can be very warm if worn during some distant walking and also the strap can inhibit activities using the hand. Hence may not be suitable to be used as a support during exercises. Guess may be even a better support during cold weather like during winter.


Reviewed by Josados

Product is good but the strap is not well designed

“Loved it!”

Reviewed by Imogen

Having shoulder problems for nearly three years and even after having surgery at 16 it became no better and I started getting desperate! Now with the shoulder strap I am finally able to have some relief!! I am so happy with this product and would recommend others to buy it!

“Just the job, and fine for women too!”

Reviewed by PenguinFan

I needed a support that didn't put pressure on the front of the opposite shoulder due to other medical issues. This fitted the bill perfectly, and had given me relatively good support without being overly uncomfortable. I'm quite large chested - an H cup - so was concerned about how this would affect me, but as the strap goes under the arm-pit, there is very little impact on my chest, much to my relief! The band at the bottom of the sleeve is very tight - I went with the more generous size just to be on the safe side, and still was left with quite a deep impression where it presses into the arm. You do need a good grip though to prevent the strap moving and causing friction, I found this support to be excellent at staying put without riding up with movement.

Overall, this is a very good value support, providing enough stability for everyday tasks as well as light sporting activities, and is excellent for establishing whether this type of strap is suitable for you.

“The shoulder strap is first class it provides great support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The range from the physic room is superb, the items are well made, designed well and good
materials. Some may seem a little expensive but all are well worth the money.

“Not too bad overall”

Reviewed by SteveW

Playing badminton for nearly 40 years has caused some rotator cuff problems. Using the support between activity certainly gave some relief. However, there was still some chafing at strategic points which could be alleviated with the addition of some padding. Perhaps I should have gone for a slightly larger size support which would have avoided this. Overall, however, it has certainly been a useful appliance to give some help to an ageing skeleton!

“good suupport”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good support - back doing martial arts after surgery.

�% satisfaction”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have recently badly damaged my Deltoid muscle, and so I decided to purchase one of these supports, which I`m so glad I did. The material used is providing warmth, and gives this a lovely fit. It is comfortable, easy to put on, and is nicely giving my injury support, and is non-restrictive.


Reviewed by gerta

The product is comfortable, and reasonably priced, although it requires some padding under the velcro closure.

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