PhysioRoom Spiky Massage Ball Roller

Simple to use but with noticeable results the Massage Roller can be used hot or cold to relieve stress and fatigue on hands, elbows and fingers.
SKU: MB2141
  • Comfortable to grip and easy to use, use directly over clothing or on bare skin.
  • These lightweight balls are ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst out and about.
  • Long-lasting, durable construction - no internal parts to wear out or corrode.
  • Relieve stress and fatigue on hands, elbows and fingers.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Spiky Massage Ball Roller?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Durable construction.



Allows you to release stress.



Compact for easy transportation.

Key Features


Light to carry anywhere.


Ensures comfort at all times.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.


Easy store away.

Frequently Asked Questions

This ball has a diameter of 7cm for easier use and handling.
Plastic and Polyvinyl Chloride.

More about the PhysioRoom Spiky Massage Ball Roller

Can be used by professionals or at home to give a stimulating, deep tissue massage. Move the Massage Roller in circular motions over the desired area to release tension in muscles and combat knots. Heat up in warm water (not boiling) or cool in the fridge for added hot or cold therapy during massages. In fact, the Message Roller is designed for use in the wet, making it safe to use in the bath or with massage oils.