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PhysioRoom Latex Resistance Band

These PhysioRoom resistance bands are latex training aids for strengthening exercises, rehabilitation, and sports training. The resistance provided by an exercise is ideal for targeting and working specific muscle groups and tendons during rehab and sports training.
  • Ideal for stretching, warm-up, yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation.
  • Set of 3 different strengths available.
  • Excellent method of resistance training.
  • Strengthening of specific muscles and tendons.

DELIVERY within 1 - 4 working days

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Latex Resistance Band?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Designed for increasing strength.



Targeting and working specific muscle groups.



Take anywhere you need to go.

Key Features


Very light to use.


Easy storage.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.


Can also be used during rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who have Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), an ankle sprain, dislocated shoulder or tibialis posterior tendon problems.
The bands are 1.2m in length.
No, you will receive one and will have to choose which one you would like.
The Light Resistance (Green), Medium Resistance (Purple), Heavy Resistance (Blue).

More about the PhysioRoom Latex Resistance Band

The long resistance bands are crafted of high-grade medical latex which is durable and exceptionally hard wearing. Simple to use, the band fixes to a secure object which provides an anchor point for the user to work against. Available in light, medium or heavy resistance levels the range offers a solution for all requirements. The lightest option should be used as the starting point for injury rehabilitation and those new to exercising with resistance bands. This resistance should be used until the exercise becomes too easy before moving on to the higher-grade resistances. If you are using resistance bands as part of injury recovery a medical professional will advise you on the correct resistance for your circumstance.

Lightweight and portable, exercise bands are perfect when you are on the move or have a small space and heavy weights are impractical. Unlike weight and pulley devices and weight machines, latex resistance bands have the added advantage that all strengthening exercises can be done in functional, sports related movements. This makes them ideal for sports training - not just for people with injuries.