PhysioRoom Deluxe Air Ankle / Foot Fracture Brace Walking Boot Short


This Deluxe Foot Fracture Walking Boot offers support to broken ankles and damaged ligaments whilst letting you carry out daily tasks. This lightweight boot helps your injury heal safely and comfortably during the recovery process. This walking boot aids recovery and treatment by allowing you to undertake normal activities with a broken foot whilst not hindering the healing process.

SKU: 5935
  • Lightweight and easy to use for damaged feet and ankles.
  • Supportive with adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Moderate level of support for forefoot and mid-foot injuries.
  • Durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing protection.
  • Air Walking Boot fits left or right foot.
  • Effectively heal fractures and manage swelling.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Deluxe Air Ankle Foot Fracture Brace Walking Boot?



The rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable walk as you go about your daily routine and favourite activities.



Air pump for added comfort and security to your leg, foot and ankle.



Three sizes are available to fit anyone, these are small, medium and large.

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high-quality breathable materials.

Key Features


A semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection throughout the day ensuring you don’t damage your foot further.


Ventilated panels and moisture-wicking soft goods reduce microbial buildup ensuring you get the best support.


This walker boot provides a lightweight fit to ensure your foot heals successfully whilst maintaining a minimal range of motion.

Supportive Fit

Supportive fit to ensure complete stability and security.


Adjustable straps to help keep your knee as stable as possible.

Daily Use

Great for daily use whilst carrying out your everyday activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. If you feel more comfortable using crutches then you’re able to use them with an air boot but they’re not needed. Once you’re stable and comfortable without crutches then you’ll be able to use the walking boot on its own.

No, avoid sleeping in an aircast or walking boot. These are designed to help support the leg, foot or ankle during activities such as walking. You can take this off to shower, sleep, relax or when you feel like you no longer need the extra support.

For a moderate level of support for forefoot and mid-foot injuries.

Mild to severe ankle sprains and soft-tissue injuries.

Metatarsal fracture, post-operative, bunionectomy.

Clinically proven to effectively heal fractures and manage swelling.

The Short has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing protection.

Measure the length of the foot - Air Shield Walker fits left or right foot.

Small - max foot length: 25cm, UK shoe size: 3-7 (Euro shoe size: 36-40)

Medium - max foot length: 28cm, UK shoe size: 7-10 (Euro shoe size: 40-44)

Large - max foot length: 30cm, UK shoe size: 10-13.5 (Euro shoe size: 44-47)

More About The PhysioRoom Deluxe Air Ankle / Foot Fracture Brace Walking Boot

The Deluxe Air Walking Boot allows the injured foot to heal, no matter what type of broken bone or what type of fracture might have occurred. This foot boot can be used post-surgery as well as for any form of common injury to the ankle joint.

This walking boot is ideal if you're recovering from a foot injury such as a broken foot. You'll be able to carry on with a wide range of normal activities throughout the day whilst wearing this walker boot.

Air boots are perfect if you want extra support and padding. It'll help to support and aid the recovery process from injuries such as damage to the plantar fascia or a metatarsal fracture.

Your range of motion will be significantly reduced to help aid the recovery process no matter your type of injury. You'll be able to take on all of your normal outdoor pursuits, even when recovering from a severe fracture.

Various types of injuries will require a walker boot rather than an actual cast, giving you more ability to move whilst still allowing you to move about your day as normal.