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Top 5 Triathlon Injuries

Triathlon Injuries Introduction

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Triathlon is a fast growing endurance sport that combines swimming, cycling and running. It's a great way of keeping fit, but it's also a very demanding activity and its competitive nature can lead to injury. Because of the varied formats of Triathlon (Sprint, Olympic and Ironman) and a lack of standardisation in injury surveillance, there is a slight variation in the published studies related to Triathlon injuries.

Depending on the type of Triathlon event research reports that 35%-90% of Triathletes have suffered a related injury. In terms of the overall incidence of injury, 17 injuries have been reported to occur per 1000 hours of Triathlon competition, compared to 5 injuries per 1000 hours of Triathlon training. Despite this you are just as likely to get injured while training, because most people will spend more hours training than in competition. More Triathlon injuries tend to be due to overuse, rather than trauma such as collisions during the swim or crashes on the cycling section which do occur, but not that frequently.

It's clear that injury is the one thing that can prevent you from enjoying participation in Triathlon events. This guide is intended to inform you of the common Triathlon injuries and how you can best avoid these. We provide a jargon free explanation of the most common Triathlon injuries together with a straightforward guide to products that can help with each injury, should you suffer one of these injuries yourself.

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