• Sports Injury Case Study: John Terry’s Herniated Disc

    John Terry Herniated Disc

    The Injury John Terry suffered a herniated disc in December 2006. As well as producing low back pain, lower lumbar disc problems can cause pain, loss of sensation and weakness along the course of the Sciatic nerve, down the back of the leg. Terry’s symptoms affected his back and calf in particular. The Treatment Although … Read more

    Hernia Repair Techniques

    Dr Ulrike Muschaweck is the surgical chief and founder at the Hernia Center Dr. Muschaweck Munich, the largest European centre that exclusively specialises in hernias of the abdominal wall and groin region. Since 1989 Dr Muschaweck has worked solely on developing techniques in hernia surgery and has developed some new hernia repair techniques in recent … Read more

    Pioneer Jerry Gilmore talks about Gilmore’s Groin Disruption

    Jerry Gilmore is a renowned London surgeon and a world expert on groin pain and its surgical repair. The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic at 108 Harley Street is an impressive groin and hernia treatment centre with on-site x-ray and ultrasound scanning facilities, which enables rapid assessment and diagnosis. Jerry Gilmore’s pioneering work on Gilmore’s … Read more

    Understanding Groin & Pelvis Injuries: Physio Advice

    The muscles surrounding the abdomen , groin and pelvis are strong and provide stability for your limbs to move freely. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is thought to be rare and when it does occur it’s usually due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or a fall onto your pelvis. Muscular strains of the groin and hernias often … Read more

    Inguinal Hernia (Groin Pelvis Hernia) Injury Guide


    What is a Inguinal Hernia? Hernia and groin problems are common sports injuries, particularly in football (soccer) where the pelvic region is subject to large torsional (twisting) loads. An inguinal hernia refers to a protrusion of the abdominal contents through a weakness in the connective tissue of the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal is the … Read more

    Treatment, Rehabilitation & Prevention of Gilmore’s Groin


    Gilmore’s Groin is a fairly common injury in kicking sports such as football and rugby. This condition is named after Jerry Gilmore, the London surgeon who first recognised this syndrome in 1980. The condition is also known as a sports hernia, but Gilmore’s Groin is a more apt title because, strictly speaking, there is no … Read more