• How to Get Back into Exercise Following an Injury

    By Katie Knapton, MSCP HCPC founder of PFO. How quickly you can get back into exercise after you have been injured depends on the severity and nature of the injury. If it is a very recent injury the best advice is to protect and optimally loading (so as much pressure/weight as is comfortable), along with ice, compression … Read more

    Reducing the Occurrence of Injuries

    John Orchard is a sports physician and sports injury researcher based in Sydney, Australia. He is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Dr Orchard is Medical Director for the Sydney Roosters Rugby League Football Club. He is Injury Survey Co-ordinator for … Read more

    Sports Injury Case Study: Thierry Henry’s Sciatica

    The Injury Thierry Henry was sidelined with Sciatica in late November 2006. Although the cause of Sciatica usually lies in the back, not all sufferers will experience back pain and symptoms can be variable. The problem can manifest as back pain with leg pain, or leg pain only. The Treatment Like most people with Sciatica, … Read more

    Sports Injury Case Study: John Terry’s Herniated Disc

    John Terry Herniated Disc

    The Injury John Terry suffered a herniated disc in December 2006. As well as producing low back pain, lower lumbar disc problems can cause pain, loss of sensation and weakness along the course of the Sciatic nerve, down the back of the leg. Terry’s symptoms affected his back and calf in particular. The Treatment Although … Read more

    Cool Down Guide

    Introduction to Cooling Down Over the last few seasons, English football teams have introduced the practice of a cool down at the end of a training session or match. This has been influenced by the increase in foreign coaches and players in this country; cooldowns have been practised for many years by European teams, most … Read more

    Cricket Back Problems

    Research findings from South Africa that were recently presented at the 1st World Congress on Sports Injury Prevention in Olso, have indicated that young fast bowlers are the players most prone to injury. The ‘Gentleman’s game’ is far from genteel, with the athleticism and intensity of modern cricket leading to greater strain on player’s bodies. … Read more

    Sciatica Back Injury Explained in Depth


    Medically reviewed by Katie Knapton, MSCP HCPC on 29th October 2021 Sciatica is actually a term that has different meanings for different people and is recognised as a general term referring to leg symptoms which could be presenting as pain or nerve sensations with or without back pain.. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower … Read more