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Frozen shoulder, shoulder tendonitis, dislocated shoulder and broken collar bones are extremely common shoulder injuries. Symptoms typically include shoulder pain, shoulder weakness, a stiff shoulder and shoulder joint instability. Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries frequently occur due to trauma or sporting overuse, and physiotherapy treatment and advice can dramatically improve the treatment and prevention of shoulder pain.

Frozen Shoulder, which is medically known as ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’ is a common cause of shoulder stiffness and shoulder pain that occurs more often in older people, though early aggressive physiotherapy treatment with shoulder injection treatment has been shown to be an effective course of action.

A lot of shoulder pain is due to overuse during sports related activities. Shoulder overuse and poor posture can result in shoulder ache, shoulder impingement syndrome, shoulder bursitis and rotator cuff tears. The physiotherapy treatment of these common shoulder problems are covered at the bottom of this page in our content section. As is shoulder rehabilitation, with shoulder strengthening and rotator cuff muscle exercises suitable for a shoulder dislocation or shoulder subluxation.

Condition Common Signs & Symptoms
Pain Swelling Stiffness Weakness Instability Locking
Broken Collar Bone
(Broken Clavicle)
Dislocated Shoulder
(Shoulder Dislocation)
Frozen Shoulder
(Adhesive Capsulitis)
Rotator Cuff Calcific Tendonitis
(Calcific Tendinopathy)
Rotator Cuff Injury
(Shoulder Tendonitis)
(Supraspinatus Tendonitis)
Shoulder Bursitis
(Shoulder Impingement Syndrome)
(Subacromial Bursitis)
Shoulder Separation
(AC Joint Sprain)
(Acromioclavicluar Joint Sprain)




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Common Shoulder Injuries

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