• Understanding Back Injuries – Fully Accredited Physio Advice

    The mid and lower back (spine) contains 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar vertebrae, a very strong set of joints which are surrounded by powerful muscles. It is designed to allow for movement whilst also providing protection to your vital organs. The back can become injured due to a sudden trauma, such as a fall, or by repetitive overload.

    Mechanical back pain, which is either or a muscular strain or joint stiffness, is also common. Injuries in the back can happen slowly over time due to a lack of general physical activity, or a lack of strength and conditioning to do certain tasks. These sort of injuries are often minor and can be managed using the principles of POLICE under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Occasionally injuries can be more severe and need medical management. We advise that you seek a medical opinion if you have sustained any sort of traumatic injury (see the red flags section) or if you have any sudden changes in controlling your bladder and bowel control or lose leg coordination.

    The best available evidence shows that the best non-traumatic injury prevention and management strategies are to increase your physical activity and strength. Posture is thought to pay less of a role in back injury management than the strength and conditioning of your back and body in general. The key to management is regular activity/exercise and regular changes of position.

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