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Top 5 Running Injuries


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What are Blisters?

Up to 40% of marathon runners suffer from blisters. The heels, toes and balls of the feet are the most commonly affected areas. They are caused by prolonged friction that produces a shearing force in between the layers of skin. As the layers of skin separate they fill with blood or fluid. This results in a painful blister.

What can you do to prevent Blisters?

Make sure you have properly fitting running shoes and break these in gradually. Never wear new running shoes for a race or a long run.

Moisture wicking blister socks that have two layers are excellent at preventing blisters. The inner layer stays with the foot whilst the outer layer moves with the shoe, thus eliminating friction on the skin and reducing wear. The unique mixture of fibres helps to keep the foot dry and blister free.

Friction can also be prevented with the use of an Anti Blister Stick. The lubricant in the Anti Blister Stick reduces the friction that leads to blisters.

What should you do if you suffer from Blisters?

The qualified medical staff at running events can clean the blister thoroughly before lancing it with a sterile implement. This can relieve the pressure and pain. Once a blister has been lanced it is imperative to keep the area meticulously clean in order to prevent infection. As ever, prevention is better than cure.

Blister plasters absorb a wound's fluids and maintain an important natural moisture balance. This makes them ideal for healing. Skin cells are able to move across the healing blister easily, without drying out and developing into a scab, to help form new, smooth tissue sooner.

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1000 Mile Ultimate Tactel Anklet Socks - Blister Prevention & Comfort - Blister Pain Relief

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