• Understanding Hip & Thigh Injuries: Qualified Physio Advice

    The hip joint is a very strong , stable and flexible weight baring joint. The most common injuries in the hip are hip osteoarthritis, lateral hip pain(gluteal tendinopathy or bursitis), hip (femoroacetabular) impingement and muscular thigh strains (hamstrings or quads). These sort of injuries are often minor and can be managed using the principles of … Read more

    Complete Guide to Hip Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)


    What is Hip Arthritis? Hip arthritis (osteoarthritis) is a common cause of hip pain and hip stiffness that usually manifests itself in middle age. The term osteoarthritis is somewhat misleading, because its literal meaning is ‘joint inflammation’. Although there is a component of joint inflammation with this condition, the primary pathological process is progressive hip … Read more

    Thigh Muscle Strain Injury Guide


    Medically reviewed by Katie Knapton, MSCP HCPC on 29th October 2021 What is a Thigh Muscle Strain Injury? A thigh muscle strain is quite common in sports like football, where kicking is repeatedly practiced. Cycling, rowing and downhill running are some other activities where the quadriceps can become overloaded and susceptible to injury. A Thigh … Read more

    Hip Labrum Tear Injury Guide

    Hip Labrum Tear

    What is a Hip Labrum Tear? In recent years, advances in the medical knowledge of hip injuries have highlighted the problem of a torn acetabular labrum. This owes much to the pioneering work of Cambridge based orthopaedic surgeon Richard Villar. In the past, it had been said that “the hip was impossible to arthroscope”, because … Read more

    Hamstring Muscle Strain (Pulled Hamstring) Injury Guide


    What is a Hamstring Muscle Strain? A hamstring injury is common in sports and are sometimes known as a ‘pulled hamstring’. The term ‘pulled muscle’ comes from the description of how the injury takes place. Usually, the hamstring muscle is forcibly stretched beyond its limits and the muscle tissue becomes torn. A tear in the … Read more