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Hernia, Gilmore's Groin and Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction are common groin and pelvic injuries. Groin and pelvic pain is very difficult to differentiate, and skilful assessment is required by the physiotherapist at your local sports injury clinic. Hernia, groin and pelvis injury symptoms include groin pain, back pain, groin stiffness, groin weakness and referred pain to the thighs or even the back.

Hernias and Gilmore’s Groin are common sports injuries that affect the groin. Hernias and Gilmore’s Groin often require surgery to repair the defect. Rehabilitation with a physiotherapist is essential for a return to fitness following surgery for a Hernia or Gilmore’s Groin. The content section featured at the bottom of this page contains specific rehabilitation protocols for Inguinal Hernia and Gilmore’s Groin that have been developed by leading sports physiotherapists and surgeons for use with elite level football players.

Sacro Iliac Joint pain and dysfunction is another common cause of pelvic and back pain. It can be due to hormonal causes during pregnancy, inflammatory disorders or even trauma. Physiotherapy treatment is tremendously successful for Sacro Iliac Joint problems. Information on manual therapy, specific back exercises and strategies to treat your own back pain are included in our content section below.

Condition Common Signs & Symptoms
Pain Swelling Stiffness Weakness Instability Locking
Abdominal Strain
(Stomach Strain)
Gilmore's Groin
(Sports Hernia)
Groin Strain
(Adductor Strain)
IlioPsoas Syndrome
(Hip Flexor Muscle Strain)
Inguinal Hernia      
Osteitis Pubis
(Instability of the Pubic Symphysis)
Sacro Iliac Joint Pain
(Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction)

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