• Prevention & Treatment of 5 Most Common Badminton Injuries


    Injuries during badminton have been reported to occur at a rate of 2.9 injuries per player per 1000 hours of badminton playing. Badminton injuries tend to be due to overuse as badminton is a non contact sport. Badminton requires explosive power for flicks of the wrist, lunges, jumps and rapid changes of direction and these … Read more

    Prevention & Treatment of the 5 Most Common Tennis Injuries


    The rivalry of today’s elite tennis players, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer has propelled the popularity of tennis to an unprecedented level. However, even elite tennis players suffer from injuries and these injuries can also affect recreational players. By understanding more about common tennis injuries you can learn that there are steps you … Read more

    Prevention & Treatment of the 5 Most Common Rugby Injuries


    Elite level rugby union turned professional in 1995. The move to full time training has meant that the game has become more physically demanding as the players’ fitness level has improved. The changing physical demands have seen a change in the nature of injuries. Increased emphasis on fitness training and a faster match tempo has … Read more

    Prevention & Treatment of the 5 Most Common Running Injuries


    Running is one of the most popular forms of sporting activity worldwide. Despite its many health benefits there is some concern over the incidence of injury, especially heel pain, shin pain and knee pain in runners and joggers. Not surprisingly, the most common running injuries affect the lower limb and include blisters, plantar fasciitis, runner’s … Read more